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    F.U Watson, couldn't beat an old ass Date-Krumm when she was starting to cramp

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    wow how much money did zako get paid tonight, a player ranked in the 30's against i'm sure in the well over 200's ohh wait she avoids the bagel, is this the start of the comeback

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    33rd player gets beat by player ranked 540 haha, only in the wta

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    @ +1100

    SBR POKER TOURNEY2nd Place 4/8/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/25/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY4th Place 4/1/2014

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    Are you f*cking serious Mandy?

    Dumb bitch alert in the house. Somebody call the WTA...

    Oh wait!

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    Oh shit... looks like Estrella-Cabeza-Candela-Mandela-Banella 2-0 and Babolat 2-0 was the play of the day.

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    DeSchepper-Galung kicking off soon. Kenny De Schepper has been in terrible form as of late, losing 8 matches in a row, and Galung has beaten him on indoor hard court before. Galung has considerably better form it seems, taking him +105 at cris.
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    Thank you, Kamke. You're an upstanding gentleman who was worthy of my backing today.

    Baghdatis, you suck, and I've never liked you.

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    Did I get the Gus Fring mojo working and spur a Bag Man comeback by insulting him?

    Bag Man is a pathetic slug. He should just give up on tennis already.

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    "I instructed our military commanders to totally rock Baghdad."

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    Mathieu in the night cap?

    Sijsling hasn't won a thing since he choked against The Gun Show at Newport.

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    another ride on the Lacko rollercoaster, hopefully he can serve it out

    Parlay--I think Mathieu should take it, wasn't impressed with Sijsling at US Open, don't like the odds on Mathieu right now though. Sij form is poor, but Mathieu health not the best right now either. Maybe under 22.5 games -113
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    Aw yeah... work 'dat quarante-zero bitches.

    Sijsling... moar liek Scheissling!

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    Why did Sijsling decide not to suck ass for a change today!!? : (

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    I think PHM has been playing well so far but this could be hard-fought.

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    This commentator's favorite subject must be how cracking his ass-crack is.

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    F*ck is this... Isner + Karlovic on crack and steroids respectively?

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    Somebody call in the mother f*cking WTA... we're gonna need some Dutch DF's stat!

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    And some less suicidal service points from our puss-master Frenchie!

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    I did not expect Sijsling to bring a 10/10 performance. If he had taken even as much as a sip from the ass-fountain that has been his past three months today PHM would've bagged that set with ease.

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    Yeah... sometimes 1:st set betting bites you in the ass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcoar View Post
    Yeah... sometimes 1:st set betting bites you in the ass!

    I'm a simple man who doesn't bet sets or props too often.

    Today, it worked out.

    What a ball-sweater, though.

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