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    Anyone ever have a problem with 5dimes?

    I placed a bet yesterday, and as of earlier I had won... but a few hours later, another ''identical'' bet was made on my account and I had lost all my winnnigs, plus my initial bet.

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    ive never heard of such thing happening have you got on to there terrible CS

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    Never had a problem with 5d...

    You sure you didnt accidently place the bet yourself, or maybe a friend knows your password and he did it?

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    I know this doesn't help now,but many here take screen shots constantly...

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    How identical is that? Example?

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    Years ago, my friend had a problem with 5dime. They block him & his friend from "Book to Book" & "Account to Account" transfer.

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    I sometimes get "this wager has already been processed or canceled" prompt from time to time. I had the same exact thing happen before. The bet was posted twice. It was a small bet so I didnt sweat it.

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    Well they were the same bet, but they were graded as a win and a loss. I have a screen shot of that.

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    My only problem is Tony doesn't get on chat enough. Tony chats are to most intertaining threads in this forum. Guaranteed to get 250+ posts and 3000+ page views every single time.