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    Hey guys, been reading the board for a while now..posting on other forums and have a questions about this website.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

    I wanted to find a agent to get in touch with this site, however the website baffels me.

    It seems as if the whole site is a complete wall, no matter what link I click on it takes you back to the same page.
    The live operator never works, shocker there and all the links are disabled.
    One thing that does work is agent log in and user log ins.
    So how do these typeof websites work, they are mostly a front, but you need to know someone to get in.
    I have heard of a few people using this, but based on location im sure you need to know someone to get you through the hoops.

    Anyone have experience with this kind of website.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum sir.

    Wager123 is part of the I.O.L. International family of books and have a brutal reputation of being a scam operation. My advice would be to avoid them.

    It's a conspiracy

    stop watching me

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    Hey thanks for the welcome and tip.
    Ive actually seen this website rating before on your website.
    Just looking for more information, it seems to me that rating came from a disgruntled complaint from someone. But just wondering how thats proved?

    Point is, I just dont understand these websites that are run by agents, Im pretty sure that site says its operated in Costa Rica, when in reality its American based.

    To my understanding its Agent only and people get access to the website from them, I actually called the number and it dosent even sound like a real company. The site is just a big front, to get through, and its more like a local type thing. However you have to know someone to go through the system.

    I do use betjamaica. Just always curious about other sites and how they operate.

    Thanks for the help.

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    These sites now share the same server as LazerWager. Beware.

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