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    Sbgglobal scam book !!!!!!!!!

    Well I cant say I wasnt warned but after depositing over $15,000.00 and going on a winning streak I have my account zero's out and told there was a **** charge back.... I call **** and there was no such thing !!!!!!!!!!

    Didnt listen when I was told this was a scam book but I guess I have learned my lesson. Dont get burned using this scam book as they will get you in the end !!!!!!!!!11

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    Maybe this will save the next pigeon who ignores warnings from other posters.

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    SBGglobal already scammed many payers two or three years ago. They canceled winnings from players who got the picks from handicappers. and they stole a big balance from a player. I remember the amount was about $80,000

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    I was one of the players in the scam jackkk2009 refers to. Customers of Seabass who had accounts at BetRoyal had their money stolen by SBG after SBG bought Betroyal. I see SBG advertise a lot, and I always hope the company gets what is coming to it.

    For its part, SBR was great in helping the victims get credit at a new book called Big Juicy Odds, which lasted for a while. Some victims were made whole and had cashed out by the time BJO folded, but some were not.

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    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with SBG Global (SBR rating D-). I take it you've never charged back with them or BetRoyal prior to your recent winning streak?

    Write to us via sportsbook complaint form and we'll be glad to inquire on your behalf.

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    Why do people continually deposit large amts with d books ?!?

    No offense to the OP but when your dealing with large amts, there are few books you should trust, and then split balances between them ( convieniently, all I would trust do free book 2 book xfer).

    Bonus are fine, if you are comfortable losing your deposit or facing a long delay..otherwise just say no.

    Ie..dimeline offered me 100% cash up to 500. If I lose my nickle, I won't be happy, but I'll survive. No way would I trust an outfit like them for the price of a new mid size car.

    My experience says SBG is ok for small bettors, shady to be sure, but not likely to steal...sharps and large future position holders are another matter.

    This is also a very good reason to avoid cc for us residents, even if you don't initiate a **********, banks can if they find it to be gambling your card disclosure statements.

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    Sorry to hear about what happened to you, I guess we have to pay more attention on where do we play at

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    I would like to hear more from Beez... I trust some known posters on here but not somebody with a few posts

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    I don't see any problems with them and betroyal. They have the fastest payouts and they are free

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    LOL ^

    this guy must A. Have never cashed out more than 3 figures at a time. (and deposited thousands over the course of long term) OR
    B. be the biggest shill I ever seen


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    Why the hell would you deposit $15,000 at an offshore sportsbook????????

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    Anything $10,000 or above I would only deposit at an A+ book, period. No exceptions.

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    Why pople still deposit in this kind of booky. they re alot of solid booky around the web. Why choose one where you have chance to get stiffed. ?????

    gl to you anyway