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    bet188 steal money

    bet188 are untrustworthy.

    i deposited 450 then 400 using a DC and wagered on some games ..the bets won and suddenly my balance went from 1200 to 0.00.. they asked me for my id..i sent in id. They then asked for a bank statement showing my wasnt sent within 48 hours so they said there giving the money back. the online bank only shows credits and debits from this month and then the address on another page..i sent that to them but they said they want it on 1 page so i had to wait for over 48 hours to send it to them as it was the weekend and banks arent open.i sent the id on monday and they accepted it but said there sending me back the money. the problem is they only sent me back 450.the balance was 1200( i won 350 after i deposited with my DC) not only did they take the winnings they didnt even send me all my money back.
    i have a screenshot of the bank statement showing i only got 450 back..the email saying they sent me 450 and to enquire with your bank where the other 400 is. thats ridiculous saying to check with your bank where the money is it obviously wasnt given to me..why didnt they just send the full 850 back..or better yet leave my money in there and the money i won till i sent in the id.
    i sent them about 10 emails and havent gotten any responses..i sent in a couple of emails to this site and have no response. i asked them to show me proof from there end where the 850 was given back to me..and nothing in response.

    the 2 attachments show that they said they gave me 450 and 400 us dollars
    the 2nd shows that i only got 450 us back.
    bet188 rip people off
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    188bet had rejected the deposits
    and that's the reason you didn't receive the full 850 in one transaction.
    in this cases your bank will refund the "frozen" amounts in a period
    of max 45 days.

    188bet hadn't stole your money,
    you have to wait.
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    I believe 188bet's rules on verification are quite well-publicised. Whether you win or lose, if you don't verify your account in time, they void all bets. So it's not because you won. It's almost inviting people to take a shot at them (only verifying if they win their first bet(s)), so I don't know why they have that rule.

    Give it some time to get back to your bank, then file a dispute with SBR if necessary.

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    Dont worry 188bet will not steal you any money they are A++, but sometimes is a pain in the ass to get everyyhing check out

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    Yeah they have a lot of strange rules but i think they are ok.

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    i still didnt get the us$400...does anyone think theyre sending it still..they sent the other 450 on the 13th of August..its the 10th of May now..whats that about 45 days why does it take so long to send back 2 amounts when the other amount was sent a month ago.

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    188bet told you they voided the transaction,you are worrying in vain.
    for your own calming,go to your bank and ask if the transaction for 400$ to 188bet was processed,if the bank of 188bet actually took the money from your account.
    it is not easy to receive this info,may be a small scandal will help (yes,I had such a case with a bookie).
    if the answer is no, your money will be unfrozen within 45 days.
    if the answer is yes and there is no transaction back from 188bet to your bank account,
    you have a problem.

    P.S.188bet didn't sent back the other amount (for 450$).It is your bank that "unfrozed" it.
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    the problem is with your bank not 188, they dont steal

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    They r good bookies! But late in payment!

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    maybe the intermediate bank took the part of your withdrawal.

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    ofcourse they took the money and processed it i used it and wagered it. they suck..this is all there fault not the banks. they said they sent 400 and 450 so i should get that. the attachments show that they got the money.
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    my balance went from 1200 to 0.00 with them and i got given back 500 to my bank so they steal money.

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    they asked for a bill i dont get bills as bills in this house arent under my name...i could not send a bank statement till the weekday as online bank statements dont show the current date and transactions and address on 1 page.. i went to the bank and got the bank statement on the monday and sent that to them so they should have just left the money in the account.

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    you still don't understand.
    when you make a transaction with a credit/DC,
    your bank freezes the amount of the transaction
    and send codes to the receiver's bank (the bank of 188bet).
    the monies are frozen,not available to you AND ALSO NOT in the receiver's bank.
    you may get a message: APPROVED but the transaction is not completed.
    After days or even weeks !!! the receiver's bank calls your bank with the codes
    and wants the monies to be send.
    the receiver's bank has 45 days to call with the authorisation codes,
    after 45 days your bank automatically put back the frozen amount into your bank account.

    in your case 188bet rejected 2 transactions-
    your bank decided to give you back one of the transaction,
    but waits if the bank of 188bet will call for the other transaction.
    this is usual banking practice.
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    8th of april + 45 days=23 May +/- 1 day.

    of course it may be some days earlier.
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    look at your bank statement-on 13 Apr you have a refund from Cube Corp.AND
    your bank has also refunded the bank fee they charged you FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE.

    if 188 bet accepted your deposit
    and on 13 Apr made a transaction back to you,
    why your bank refunded,gave you back its own fee???

    because your bank unfrozed your initial deposit to 188bet + the fee.
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    it was the 13th of april when they gave me 500..its the 21st of may and i didnt get the other 400 back..the money was accepted by them i wagered it and won balance was 1200..(850+350)..they only gave back 450..its not the banks fault its there fault...they steal money..they suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavey View Post
    it was the 13th of april when they gave me 500..its the 21st of may and i didnt get the other 400 back..the money was accepted by them i wagered it and won balance was 1200..(850+350)..they only gave back 450..its not the banks fault its there fault...they steal money..they suck
    What Tachi explained to you is that the money was never accepted by 188Bet. When you failed to verify your account in time, 188Bet didn't finalise the transaction with your bank. Your deposit is still on hold with your bank. The money never left your bank.