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    Odddsmaker is a fraud-tony messina is nothing but a fraud. I forgot they never paid me a few years ago and like a sucker I answered one of their calls and used them this weekend. When I found out that over $50k of play in the casino got me $25 in rewards I wanted to cash out. They locked my account with active NFL future wagers and a positive cash balance inn there. Only the king of fraud Tony Messina can unlock it. When I called him and said I wanted to record our conversation he hung up. So here I am with active bets, and no way to access my cash. Funny thing is they will call me with promotions tomorrow and act as if nothing is going on. STAY AWAY FROM ODDSMAKER

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    Out of the 1000's of books out there, Tony Messina @ Oddsmaker is as crooked as they come. He not only will refuse to process any withdrawals at any time for any player, he will make vicious threats if you disclose his criminal behavior. If you do a google search with the word oddsmaker and any of the following (scam, fraud, crooked, no-pay, etc) you will get pages and pages of threads giving full descriptions of what a dishonest book they are. Any money you have in there is gone and you'll never get it back as the value of Oddsmaker balances is well less than one penny on the dollar.