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    Thread should read

    I tried to pull a fast one on youwager, but they caught me.

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    sometimes in life we have to eat a bowl of shit. this is one time where I had too.
    maybe youwager has a good history and i was just a rare occassion. I guess a scammy sales rep screwing a player should not give them a bad rep. If they have paid every single person and all of you are happy with them, then that says alot.
    oh well.

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    just wish their management would handle it better.
    I got 1 call from nate and brian saying they felt bad and would give me the $12 fee that I was promised would go into my account anyway if i sent $200 or more. I sent $500 and didnt get the fees. so they offered to put the $12 in my account and I told them to suck my ****ing rooster! nate tries to be cool with his new york accent like he's a somebody. talking to me on the phone like he's my buddy and i should just forget the matter and keep playing with them. it was just garbage and since i went off on them, they closed the account and never called me again. ill never use em again, but if you guys are being treated real good, that is nice to hear.
    sometimes it can be raining pussy and I would get hit with a dick.

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    In your defense, Youwager deserves this kind of feedback. They need to close the gap between their bookmaking and marketing departments. It wouldn't surprise me at all if marketing lied to you. But after you wagered the money, that became a mute point. Maybe you better think of them as 'youwagered'.

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    when they said i wasnt getting any money back before the games went off and the next morning when my balance was near what i put in, i figured what the hell and play casino, not gettin the money anyway- that didnt help matters.

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