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    Advice needed - online bookmaker not paying me winnings

    Hi ,

    Am new on here , but I have to say what a great site this.

    So my issue is I opened an account with a bookie on Friday ,who id had winning accounts
    with previously and were subsequently closed. So i placed a few bets and requested to withdraw the money which went through fine. I won approx 1796 GBP and deposited 1280 GBP so total of 3076.

    I then got email on sat afternoon saying they were closing account again ( no surprise) , but said my account was linked to a previous account i had self excluded from. Now i can say 100 per cent i have never self excluded , they actually tried this tactic with my last winning account but i eventually got paid.

    So I've submitted sbr complaint form and also emailed back bookiedirect disputing this obviously and what self exclusion agreement they have that I've signed or what evidence they have.

    I'm angry as won this substantial amount of money fair and square , im actually still logged into account in question and is showing voided deposit in transaction history

    I'm hoping the bookie may come good and be honourable so will not name at present

    Any members help or advice would be appreciated , sorry for the essay :-)

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    "who id had winning account with previously and were subsequently closed"
    I am confused, did you have an account closed with the book or not? Which book?

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    Just add im not a pro gambler , just recreational. What I bet on was tennis.

    Is this a common tactic by bookmakers , just comes a cross as underhand.

    Get they don't like paying out but for every winner must be lots of losing accounts.

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    Yes I've had a couple of accounts previously that they closed , were winning ones.

    No email or explanation , assumed was because winning ones and substanial amounts ( thousands)

    apologies if was unclear

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    The book in question is well known and one of longest running ones with tv adverts , as I said am wary about naming before given them chance to respond to complaint and sbr complaint form

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    Was told for help and advice this was place to come , ill be honest company in question is

    Bet victor

    Is this common tactic by them , are they know for this?

    I've seen other threads where admin has liased with betting company to help resolve

    Can anyone help me please?

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    The problem is that you are only allowed one account. Once that gets blocked, like you say yours did in the past - you are not welcome there anymore.
    You knew you had previous accounts blocked, you say because of winning - they say because of self exclusion. Point is - you knew...
    Now, legally I am not sure where you stand. There is a UK Gambling act and your argument is that the bet was still struck - and had it lost, its unlikely they would have paid you back.
    I dont think you will get paid , but maybe other people on here can help.

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    Appreciate your advice.

    Before account was closed all bets were settled and id req withdrawals.

    As you correctly say if it was losing account they have no prob keeping my money. Why should I be penalised as went in my favour.

    Still logged into ac in question as was logged in before it closed and never logged out.

    Anyone else with knowledge or experience with my problem , it would great to get some assistance. Happy to pay a fee if successfully help me to get my winnings....

    Just think its very unfair , they have 100 per cent kept my money if id lost.

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    Just to add accounts had in past were just simply closed not blocked.

    I assumed this was norm with an account where someone won substantial amount...

    As I said anyone willing to take my case who has point of contact with bet victor am happy to pay a fee for their work ...

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    If I were you, I'd consider myself lucky if I'd get my deposit back. You're not allowed to have multiple accounts afaik.

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    Like everyone said you're only allowed to have one account which is clearly stated in their T&C. Unfortunately you won't be able to get your winnings.

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    Some of Betvictor's terms would have difficulty standing up in a UK court but Betvictor runs under the law of Gibraltar.

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    Appreciate all your advice , not sure what constitutes multipule accounts.

    Ive had total of four consecutive winning accounts in past where after id won one was closed automatic , then opened another.

    Ive never had more than one account active at any one time.

    So ive been payed out on all previous accounts so we have presidence.

    Read through bv t and c ,nothing mentioned about not being able to have multipule accounts.

    Ill fight this all the way , ready for the long haul.

    Hope sbr and admin may help , thanks so much so far for advice from long term members..,

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