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    Bet 770 - Is this a scam?

    Opened an account, placed a bet. Now cant even get back in to the site from an computer or location. After reading the dismal reviews on here wondering whether my cash is lost and this is a scam site?

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    Nahhh , it's kinda fair* bookmaker . (Unless you're playing high stakes) otherwise should feel safe* . Ofcourse i recomend you to take money from them ,and put to (A) rated Booker. If you're going to do that with deposit atleast 200$ you can qualify for "SBR PRO"
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    cheers, just a bit worried as sicne i deposited have not been able to even load the home page - still cant get in! will persist

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    not worry...they always pay.... but the computerized sistem of this bookie is very irregular ... stay out of line sometimes