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    hello! I want to know your opinion about this bookie. I see a nice bonus with easy terms and conditions. it's real? it's scam? the payout it's fast? thank's

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    I came across this on another forum:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Daniel and I am the Sports book Manager for

    Our marketing department came across your post and I wanted to come in and explain a few things about the site and give you a little more information about the company.

    Firstly our bonus, the initial bonus was not a mistake, we are and will be honouring anyone that got in during the 100 deal at 3 times turnover and those that came in on the 5 times turnover deal as of last night. Our terms on the bonus were changed last night at 7pm. The 100 bonus on 3 times turnover was live for two weeks and it was part of us launching the new site design.

    I have been reading through some of the posts here and would like to address some of the questions and fears that people have in the hope that we can bring you back for more than just the good bonus. So here goes:

    Touchbet are a business to business supplier for live soccer odds to some of the major betting exchanges. is our consumer based website and offers exactly the same as what we offer to the exchanges, Live Soccer Betting and odds available 2 hours before the game.

    We recently purchased another site which some of you seem aware of in to be able to offer odds on a number different sports as well as back up our existing live soccer activities. We were in no way responsible for the demise of but we have paid out everyone that was owed to players prior to our taking over and we are now looking to the future of this site also.

    We are regulated in Malta, alas there is nothing we can do about the reputation of other gaming operators who do not live up to what they promise under license in Malta. In this instance we can just ask you to give us a try which we know many of you already have and we hope that when you see what we have to offer you will continue to use the service and we will continue to satisfy where possible.

    There was a question raised over our terms and conditions with regards to the "No refund of deposit will be given" phrase. This is to protect ourselves and our punters as it is with other sites offering a bonus. Should there be people signing up 10 times to abuse the bonus system then this would no doubt have a knock on effect to our business, so this is in our terms to ensure the safe keeping of our clients. If you are a legitimate user then you have no reason to worry.

    I realised that someone had noticed that our odds were slightly better than that on another website, this will be the case most of the time, because we provide odds to others we can provide very competitive odds that we hope you will all enjoy.

    Will our customer services get offended if you ask them if they are wearing a bikini, well no but be warned "he" may answer yes! We are glad you all seem to like Ami, she will be around every week to give match tips that are put together by our team so we hope you all subscribe to the videos on YouTube and enjoy.

    We hope that this gives you a little more of an insight to our company and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that we are reliable and offering a good quality of service. We will be offering our regular players bonuses in the future so please make sure you check back to see what is available on a regular basis. Should you have any more questions or require an help then my team and I are more than happy to answer them here or via

    Best regards

    Daniel hlander
    Sportsbook Manager
    The bikini reference in his answer is about this:

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    Betonlive is owned and operated by Touchbet Ltd which is based in Malta. In fact this place just recently took over the BettingStar24 (SBR rating D) operations back on September 23rd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APK View Post
    I came across this on another forum:

    The bikini reference in his answer is about this:
    This sounds like "stay away" for me

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    well, its now 25eu matched to 100% as their signup bonus.

    i signed up 3 days ago and have requested the bonus as per their terms and conditions 3 times but have not received any replies.

    how can i seek help from sbr regarding this?

    not done this before so not sure.

    many thanks

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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum

    It's up to you to contact them in order to receive your bonus from them sir. Now if you had a dispute with them via a payout or a grading dispute, then I would advise you to fill out a complaint form.

    It's a conspiracy

    stop watching me

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    well they've finally replied and given me an extra 5 for the trouble. the power of mentioning sbr...


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    any ine knows a fastest way to contact them then they took too longe to answer us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aslan View Post
    well they've finally replied and given me an extra 5 for the trouble. the power of mentioning sbr...


    Hehhe good to know that they gave you an extra amount...
    at least you are paid for the trouble that they have done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deivs001 View Post
    Does anybody know what's hapened with this site?
    The site loads for me without a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champi View Post
    The site loads for me without a problem.
    it does now, it didn't then.

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    The website was down from yesterday morning till 9.45pm GMT last night. They was updating the website.

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    Yes, they pay!
    I have recieved their payment to my bank account.