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    In play thread

    My bigger bets are usually placed in play at half time. I just got Real Madrid to score 2 second half goals @ 2.40 (+140 i think).. So from time to time I will post my in play bet here.
    Next one: Uni Chile v Espanola - over 3.5 in match. HT now 0-2. odds 1.85

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    FULL TIME: 0-3
    lame, bizarre Uni C didnt score at home. That would have been good odds.

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    2nd goal live - Tallina Kalev - 2.05 willhill (Metta Lu v Tallina Kalev 1-0 score.)

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    3-1 now , (70,72,74) this game so fixed. should have gone with overs. People were nailing the btts at 1-0, so i went with 2nd goal talinna

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    of course it was fixed, it is a weak latvian club. students.

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    I know bro, all these games are. I usually win using soft books BUT, damn, with BTTS being nailed i didnt see 2-0 3-0 THEN 3-1.
    Imaginative though, so fair play.

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    Levadia tallin v daugiva riga 57min 1-01...
    the goals are coming..
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    hahahahaha finally a win on this thread... 3-2
    Thats how you win from a fixed game. goals (67,82pen,84,90)

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    Levski Sofia v Dukla Prague ht 0-2
    ​over 3.5 goals @ 1.92 ladbrokes

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    Finished 2-2 (63,65) Levski one of the most corrupt clubs in europe, I was half expecting a ht2 ft 1 fix here..

    Looking at the Anderlecht youth match, playing "Norte America" who are winning. Question is, who the hell are norte america?

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    Joke leagues, but I see goals:
    Anderlecht v Norte America over 2.5 goals @ 1.67
    Torino Youth v Citti youth - over 2.5 goals @ 1.33
    combined odds double = 2.22 WILLHILL

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    Torino score 4 second half goals, they were playing some seria D side who were down to 10 men.
    Anderlecht no more goals, so double loses. Norte America win @ 12.00

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    Botev Plodiv v Rostov - 1-1 half time - over 4.5 goals @ 3.50
    Something weird about this match. Its Bulgaria v Russia in a friendly, on neutral ground.. Overs were backed pre kick off and I dunno, its one of those that could have a lot of late goals. Just looking at the odds..
    This aint like the Latvian friendlies though, they are obvious to read. This could be absolutely nothing and in that case, no chance really.
    But odds are good for me

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    Btw if anyone knows who Norte America are let me know its pissing me off. Is it "North America" like some sort of MLS all stars? Anderlecht were all over them and lost 0-1 (youths)

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    Lol 2 penalties in the first 10 mins of the second half, defiantly dodgy and glad I took this.
    But these guys, could easily score no more goals to confuse the betting and get paid on the unders - who knows.
    Should trade but wont..

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemoregoal View Post
    Btw if anyone knows who Norte America are let me know its pissing me off. Is it "North America" like some sort of MLS all stars? Anderlecht were all over them and lost 0-1 (youths)
    CS Norte America are an Ecuadorian team so I guess it's their U21 or U19 team

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    I dont think this bet will win, I have visions once the 2nd penalty went in everybody gets paid who backed over 3.5 pre match and they are all hammering unders.
    Should have traded to get stake back.. or taken over 3.5 @ 1.80 instead of the hollywood bet @ 3.50
    Rostov if anyone to take it..

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    Full time 3-2 (49pen,55pen,89)
    Hell yeah! Hollywoooood

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    PK35 V Flora Tallin - Finland v Estonia... Its in play, I was going to take 2 more second half goals, but missed it and Flora scored.
    0-2 now 50 mins, Flora all over them
    Taking 2 more goals @ 2.10
    And Flora to score them both @ 4.20

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    Looks like its going to finish 0-2.

    Ive spotted good odds at paddy power for the 17:15 saudi arabia league
    Paddy power have Al Hilal Riyadah -1.5 handicap @ 1.83, when its -1.75 on other books (at 1.70!)


    -1.5, -2 1.72 2.11

    -1.5, -2 1.68 2.15

    Thats the good bookies odds -1.75 handicap @ 1.70

    This is paddy power: -1 is the same as -1.5 in UK...

    Al Hilal Riyadh (-1.0) 5/6
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    3-0 inside 20 mins, with 75% for the home side.

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    FT 4-2. Good game, good odds.
    Anyone who can open a paddy power account, i suggest they do.
    Paddy power are awful when pricing the minor leagues, especially on the -1.5 -2.5 handicaps, they tend to support the underdog so +1.5 is always a crap price with them.

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    surely it cant be that different to other books like pinnacle though? I always check oddschecker and have never noticed that big a difference? Although granted Pinnacle probably didnt offer bets for games like those!

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    Nah they wont be games that odds checker cover i dont think. If u use BETBRAIN - you will notice paddy arent there..
    Also u can still check the price now on flash scores for the game above : SAUDI :"al hilal v al shorja". The -1 euro handicap is still listed as 1.83 paddy power, they never changed it - where asian handicap -1.75 is listed at 1.70 on other bookies for that game..

    Another example from yesterday: You can check on flash score for the odds, click odds comparison:
    Azerbaijan league : Turan v FK Baku - have a look, ALL the bookies cancelled the game, except PADDY POWER who were still offering 1.57 on Baku away win (they were being hammered on the other books and they stopped taking bets)... Baku promptly win 0-4

    OK final example from CYPRUS on monday - ayia napa v APOEL.. again you can check flash score odds comparison, click euro handicap: 10bet were going -1 APOEL at 1.44, Paddy power were going 1.73 - APOEL won 0-2.

    Basically they always support the underdog in a mis match in the minor leagues, and if a game is corrupt or whatever - paddy are slow to react.

    Malaysia league 2moro, they are dead. dead I say..

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    NEC arent as flamboyant as PSV etc but they a solid home side only losing 2 in 11 home games. They are also on form winning their last 3 games and scoring a respectable 7 goals in the process.
    VVV are again towards the bottom of the table and were unlucky to only get a draw their last game away to Heernveen as they were leading 1-2 until the last minute. But it is an example of VVVs defensive problems, they simply concede too many goals and another away trip for them to a good side, I feel is asking too much.
    VVV are okay in attack and they are battlers, they work hard for every point and do score a reasonable amount of goals in respect to their position in the table - they lie 2nd last but have scored 25 in 22 - its not too bad and it shows that the league is generally high scoring..
    NEC are solid as mentioned and a 1-0 2-0 wouldnt overly shock me but with both sides last 3 games hitting at least 3 goals each and with VVV getting a bit desperate - I think the odds are pretty good.

    More in play games hopefully 2moro above is just a small stake as I play bigger in play GL

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    juve youth half time ,good arb:
    Under 1.5 Goals
    25 50 100

    Over 1.5 Goals
    25 50 100


    Over/Under 2.5 Goals
    Bet Now

    Normal Time Only

    Under 2.5 Goals
    25 50 100

    Over 2.5 Goals
    25 50 100


    under 2.5 2.10 paddy power
    Over 2.5 2.63 willhill
    My Markets (6)All Markets (41)5 Minute Markets (2)Goal Markets (17)Time Of Goal Markets (7)Handicap Markets (4)

    Match Under/Over 0.5 Goals Live
    Under (0.5)
    Over (0.5)

    Match Under/Over 1.5 Goals Live
    Under (1.5)
    Over (1.5)

    Match Under/Over 2.5 Goals Live
    Under (2.5)
    Over (2.5)

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    gone now... still there but very small
    edit: totally gone now, they are so shit - only realise they suck at half time.

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    Full time 1-2.

    Bet is a push. Im a bit annoyed as Venlo hit the post twice late on, but at the same time i would have banked on NEC scoring at least twice, so not too bad, i guess.

    New Zealand league tomorrow night (0100am uk time)and Ive been winning money on this league due to paddy powers crazy odds. Yet again they have good odds for the handicaps:

    Auckland v Waikato - Auckland -1.5 handicap @ 1.53 paddy power (its around the 1.30 mark elsewhere and could be as low as 1.25 come kick off - the away side have conceded 42 in 13 gmes)
    Canterbury v Manuwatu - Canterbury -1.5 handicap @ 1.44 )its around 1.30 elsewhere) Canterbury arent as good as Auckland, the odds here arent as crazy as the above game. But again, the opposition are awful and conceded 43 in 12 games.
    Double 2.20 odds. I expect the double odds to be around 1.75 or less once we get near kick off and the bigger bookies get involved.
    Side bet Auckland -3.5 (3.75) and Canterbury -2.5(2.10) = Tiny double at 7.85

    Weirdly if you check the odds on flashscore - paddy power prices have been crossed off - but its still available on site. Might get pulled soon, i dont know. Try a long shot if you like, as New Zealand isnt for everyone, I can afford a hit as Ive made money on this league all season. Look at the table - its perfect.

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    Union Espanola v Audax Italiano - half time 4-0 - Union Espanola to score 2 or more second half goals @ 3.20

    Audax already on 2 yellows, these fiery Chile teams, wouldnt rule out a red card for AI as this is an embarrassing scoreline at the moment.
    9 shots on goal for the hosts, there should be more goals in this. Big risk of course, it could die - but these chile teams are rarely boring..
    Good odds imo.

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    I stand corrected, the match died. The only amusement that I had was when the match was suspended for 12 mins on the 72nd min, paddy power resumed odds at 84th but with the odds for 84th min, not 72 as it technically was.
    You could have had another goal at 3.40 with 20ish mins to play lol... left it as i wasnt feeling lucky.
    I got sucked into this one, but thought it was worth a shot

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    Auckland v waikato.. Paddy power still have the handicap line at -2.5 @ 2.30.
    On Pinnacle its -2.75 @ 1.90
    So you can take paddy power -2.5 @ 2.30 and +2.75 on pinnacle at evensish for profit either way - or just take the value at paddy power.
    If its an exact 3 goal victory - half stake returns from pinnacle and the paddy power side wins, super.

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    Auckland in my New Zealand bet are doing me proud currently 6-1 up!
    Canterbury are going to fail me i think 1-1 half time. Need a 2 goal victory for my main double above and a 3 goal victory to hit a 7.8 double... dont think either will hit. Most likely 2-2 3-2..

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    Full Time:
    Auckland 7-1 Waikato
    Canterbury 4-1 Manuwatu
    As mentioned this league is really good - especially if you bet early.
    Both doubles win @ 2.2 and 7.8 odds!!

    Dropped stakes for today:

    Napoli v Samdoria - Napoli total team goals - over 2.5 @ 2.8

    Genoa v Udinese - Udinese total team goals - over 1.5 @ 2.75

    Zwolle v Feyenoord - over 3.0 goals (Asian) - @ 2.40

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