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    Laughing your way to the CASHier!! 2012

    Play on Newcastle ml

    Newcastle is in great form as of late and Bolton give up 2 goals a gm on road. Take Newcastle as Cisse and Ba will both give the Bolton defence problems.

    Good Luck

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    @-167? No value here.

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    Yeah no value at all, - @ +110 for the first half might be worth a shot.

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    Forget "value" guys....Instead just laugh your way to the cashier hahahahaha

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    take the winner

    I understand in value , but if you find yourself not making bets because no value on -169 then your in the wrong buisness. There is plenty of value in Newcastle at home on win streak against a bolton team who allows multiple goals on a regular. Same bolton team that allowed wolves to score 2 and could have took that gm from them .The attack is going to wear out that D. 2-0 3-1

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    you say bet the first half instead? yeah now your just gambling, I do like the bet but not enough to throw a bet on it.If you were going to do that why not play ht/ft? When the game ends ill be there to collect and so will whoever follows.

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    Thx for telling us about our business. Bank account tells the truth It's absolutely all about value kid, if you dont understand it, guess who is in the wrong business... If you see the chance of winning higher than 65% it's absolutely ok to do this bet. Am I expecting a win? Yep. Am I expecting a win for more than 65%? Nope. So, no value for me here. If there's value for you, cool. Have fun laughing at the cashier

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    nobody told you to read this thread did they? Like you said if value is there for that person then bet on, go find something else to do with your time like Make Money account tells it all ? righttt and you know who I am or what my bank account holds? lol MOVE AROUND and go hate on someone else cool guy, maybe since your so rich you can give everyone on Sbr one of your 1000 dollar bills...

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    talk to my like this is not my business to me when your run 8 accounts... this is what I do !! KID? I dont know about all that kid talk , then you talk about bank accounts? But Im the kid lol what a joke. Rule #1 you never estimate a mans bank when you have no clue who they are. You have no clue who's on this side to make a statement like that. Hey guess what ? Im about to walk to cashier laughing all the way ..2-0 Newcastle!!!

    BOL to all those who followed!!

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    Oh, u mad I said your bet was not a good one? 8 accounts? Meaning 8 bookies? If so, im running 13 online + a few locals. What is this? Show off who's got the bigger balls? Not my style son, as I said, money tells the truth, and I couldn't care less about your money. BOL to all who followed? Obv. not too much who followed. I know my young internet kids after the first post... Keep on hating my little friend, and don't be mad. Keep posting and maybe next time it's a great bet. And I am very willing to give you credit for a nice bet. Did you watch the game? Was not as clear as it seems.... But whatever. Hope your still around in 6 weeks Good luck dude, I'm out of this thread.

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    8 accounts as in I cap for 8 different people,your the one that mentioned money not I, Internet kids? really Im a 35 yr old who has capped over 11 yrs so NO kid here. Take your ass somewhere else .You must not know what a hater is got on this thread correct?? talked about bank accounts? correct? so who's hating? Internet gangsters and Bullies I love it, I know this man doesnt talk that ish In person so yeah go ahead and take it out on your keyboard . Still laughing at the cashiers you IDIOT.
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    ^^^^^ "From the Director of Finding Tevez"

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