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    Lines too good to be true? Inter M vs Bologna

    Inter Milan vs Bologna:

    Bologna Opening lines: 1.5 @ $2.01, Current line: 1 @ $ 2.05
    Inter M Opening lines: -1.5 @ $1.89, Current line: -1 @ $ 1.90

    Internazional's form hasn't been too good, they don't seem to have any injury concerns except their goalkeeper.

    Bologna's recent for has been good, no real injury concerns.

    Inter at home.

    Is this a trap? Is this too good to be true? Action has been on Bologna ever since the opening lines.
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    hey mate, Inter just haven't been playing very well as of late. They are usually quite strong at home, but have dropped points lately. Personally, I would wouldnt touch them until they actually show some improved form. I wouldnt take Bologna either though. Stay away game for me.

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    I'm staying away even though I researched it, if I was going to bet, it would be Inter M.

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    oh mate, same happened vs novara and they lost :O Inter was attacking all the time, they just couldn't finish one chance and turn it into goal, sneijder hit the post, i can't believe they lost vs novara. I guess this time it'll be either a huge home win or a surprise again...

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    inter gotta win tonight....can't get any worse then loosing to novara

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    Inter's ML is dropping fast. Down to -183 on 5Dimes now. Must be some decent money coming in on Bologna

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseHead View Post
    Inter's ML is dropping fast. Down to -183 on 5Dimes now. Must be some decent money coming in on Bologna
    1-0 Bologna

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    2-0 now

    Wow I hope people didn't go too big on Inter today...they are horrible lately

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    that second goal inter defender got the assist. He gave the ball to Bologna on a fast break.

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    Poor inter......and i was planning on going big on Inter.....tks to you guys i didn't

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    so funny. man these guys have just lost it

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    I might take inter in the 2H +1. I don't think they will get shut out again at home.

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    Inter's slide continuing... It will be interesting to see if they come out with anything in the 2nd half.

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    Just as a comparison to really show the decline of the results since Mourinho left I can tell you guys and gals that Inter has now lost 10 times this season and 8 times last season for a combined total of 18 losses in under two seasons. When grande Mou coached this team for two seasons we only lost 8 times!

    Curva Nord shouted mockingly chants and called for "Jose Mourinho" after the game ended, its very clear that the fans wants to see big changes. I mean this is embarrassing ffs! Julio Cesar even broke down crying after Bologna scored 3-0!

    Before the game a young boy held up a sign for the players to see with read "Can you please win tonight? Otherwise the other kids will make fun of me in school. Thanks / Filippo"

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    Ha! 9 year old Filippo has become quite the Internet sensation after being pictured at yesterday's match holding up a board asking Inter to win so that his friends don't make fun of him. He got invited with his family to Inters training facility Appiano Gentile to meet the players.

    Here he is together with the one and only Il Capitano!

    Even tho hes only 9 years old he said something very smart and true in an interview; "I'm not going to change team, I'm staying an Inter fan. When we won the treble it was me who teased my friends; now I can walk around with my head held high. I hope that the sign against Bologna is the last one I'll hold up."

    Fine gesture by the club to invite him!

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    I just read about the little boy! Lucky guy at the end