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    did napoli really score own goal to cover the 2.5?

    Wow i had two game parlay with lazio and under on the napoli game. I was sitting pretty with comeback by lazio and at 86 minute i see napoli score own goal to go over 2.5
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    An unfortunate own goal by Emanuele Pesoli makes the score 1 - 2.

    I am not.

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    Did you watch the game? When Lavezzi and Inler came on the field, Siena couldn't do anything. There was so much pressure on them. And the goal you're talking about...there was no way that defender did it on purpose! He was trying to intercept a pass heading towards Cavani. Just wait a little and youtube this episode, you'll see.

    And Lazio just did what they were supposed to do.

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    your tittle makes no sense. it was siena that scored the own goal.