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    chievo verona vs novara

    well, its the only game on my board and need to win one after yesterday.


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    I think it's a trap for underdog bettors, Novara or draw most likely.

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    2 to 1 betting against the worst team in the league. Chievo isn't very good either, but Novara is the worst. I don't know I had a bad beat on the portugal U17 game earlier. They out shot England 28-2 and lost the game 2-1. England had 2 shots on goal and scored both times. I am still in shock from that loss.

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    Novara changed his storic coach Tesser to Emiliano Mondonico.
    Usually in Italy teams that change coaches do good performances at first match, and if they don't win, at least they don't lose.
    The best bet should be probably Novara Draw no bet.

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    Hey tcarn you must be playing SFTC! Lol I think I may just stay away from this one-certainly don't want to be part of the 90% curse! Lol

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    Game time temp should be around 25 degrees..Possible snow..

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    saw the cold snowy game with Palemaro ..hope this one ends like that 3-3 or 4-4... took the over and draw....

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    Sorry tcarn, I assumed you were playing Streak for the Cash as that's the only soccer game to pick at the moment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGUCCI-SBR View Post
    Over for me.

    2.0 ; 2.25 whatever
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