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    Valencia ML @ 1.9

    Valencia are scoring goals at will..

    Valencia ML @ 1.9 [medium]

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    Valencia looking terrible with Santander getting so many chances. Only thing is Santander has been terrible with their finishes having one go off the woodwork and not being able to finish the attempt. I'm on the over, so hoping some of these chances get finished, but not looking good. hope that Valencia comes back for you (and I'll hit my over )

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    There's one for Valencia. 1-1

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    and there's the over and the lead for Valencia. 2 - 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
    I think itll stay 1-1
    I say this in a good way; glad you were wrong as Valencia nets a 2 - 1 lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
    Just as expected 2-2
    ouch. terrible goal there as Valencia began to let up. Hoping for a miracle 90 minute goal for ya. BOL

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    I watched the second half. The diving was a bigger disgrace than the mini brawl at the end! Good price 1.9 and I'll assume you traded when Valencia went 2-1 up Nearly lost 3-2 in the 96th minute!