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    DarioFranco La Liga

    Madrid -1.5 Second half @2.05 WH 4 units

    Zaragoza have physical problems in second halves due to their bad prepatation in summer. Also have signed Aranda and Dujmovic, and Obra came into the team instead of Juarez(the worst player i've ever seen), players who weren't training too much. They are starters and are not going to stand all the match making the pressure required when you play against Madrid. Madrid always want more and more goals, even playing with the less habituals. I think the cuote must be about 1.92, i took it some days ago at 2.1 but now has dropped.

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    2 more picks:

    Valencia -0.25 @1.9 2.5 units

    Sevilla +0.25 @2 2units

    Peviews tomorrow

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    U 6 cards @1.75 1.5 units
    Villarreal is one of the teams with less cards per game 2.53. Barsa mean it is in 1.68 due to their 'slow play' sleeping the ball. I don't like that Mussacchio is going to be in the starters, but i see the line enoughly high to enter.