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    Tuesday' [12/20] Ninja Plays

    [England Premier] Wolves-Norwich City Over 2.5 [-129]
    Wolves have played totals of three or better in eleven of their last 12 in the EPL, making this a tasty choice today. At home, Wolves have played six straight in that same direction. They have scored multiple goals at home in half of their eight home matches and have not been blanked since September on their home pitch. They have conceded at least once in 13 straight matches. Norwich City have been steady scoring-wise on the road with at least one goal in seven of eight. They have conceded in each road match with multiple goals allowed in four of those. Norwich has not kept a clean sheet this season.

    Draw Project
    Italy Serie A:Siena-Fiorentina +212
    France Ligue 2: Laval-LeMans +218

    Points Awarded:

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    Toronto Blue Jays to smash Fister
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    I really hope this hits for us EP! I took it yesterday

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    with you on siena draw!! let's cash this!!! really need this one. GL!

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    BOL EP. Looks like a popular pick today that over. Hope it comes through for everyone.

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    E/P I know you not on this total I would like your opinion
    on Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Borussia Dortmond Over 2.5 goals do you feel this could go over it seemed like most of the time Borussia played a Match It went over.

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    Adding ...

    [Chile] Cobreloa vs. Colo Colo Over 3 [-131]
    First leg of this playoff clash was open and full of goals with five total, including a pair in the dying moments. Cobreloa is at home here, protecting a 3-2 semifinal aggregate lead. That puts the honus on vistors, Colo Colo, to try and over turn the deficit knowing that Cobreloa have those three away goals in the bag. Cobreloa I think is doubtful to try and adopt a defensive approach here to simply hang on to their lead knowing that if they score, life becomes all more difficult for Colo Colo.
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    Meh. We're gettin' up against it now with about 15 minutes left. Plenty of chances, someone put one in dern it! Ninja magic ... come hither.
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    Boom shacka-lacka.
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    Epic goal there
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    And we got our draw split today with Italy hitting and France missing. Colo Colo already with two goals in Chile in the 1st half ...
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    This was a big hit now come on coco...

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    Need some help soon to get a push in Chile. Figure something can happen still with the home team now chasing. Ninja magic ... come hither again.
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    Well, got the push at least. Do we have any supreme late Ninja magic .. come hither quickly?
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