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    Modric wants to leave spurs

    Cant wait to see what chelsea or whoever pay for him, must be at least 30 million.

    cant blame the guy for wanting to win silerware.

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    He should be playing in the Champions League, that's for sure. Romans first bid (22m) was a complete joke though, in my opinion he's worth at least the double.

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    agree mate, henderson who has been awful at the u21 euros is worth 20million so modric is at least double

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    nah, can't compare overpriced british player with european players. although it must be at least 30M. can't blame abramovich though. blame modric for not appealing to stardom like overpriced torres

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    definitely think he deserves to play elsewhere except I wish tottenham woulda been top 4

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    Would be nice to see him at United. They lack a creative midfielder. They seem to be stalling over Ashley Young too (different type of player I know).

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    If Jordan fckin Henderson costs 20 million Modrid should be at least 40

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