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    mls & draws

    because there are so many draws in mls I was thinking of picking 3 or 4 games I think will draw and doing a round robin with them. . I think a 2 draw parlay will be around 10 to 1 payout. I might try this tommorrow. if I pick 4 games that will be 6 2 game parlays and if only 2 games(1 parlay) draw I will still make a little. I was wondering if anyone has tried something like this and with any success? I think the draw happens so much in mls that this might work

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    this isn't final, so input would be appreciated but I'm thinking of draws in philly/toronto, houston/dallas, chivas/columbus, chicago/san jose, whitecaps/red bulls. the first 2 I'm going with, the last 3 I don't know. I'm only going with 4 RR w/ 2's so which games should I drop?

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    i took draws in philly/toronto, houston/dallas, chicago/san jose, whitecaps/red bulls. round robin 2's. just an experiment so only$5 per play $30 total, but each parlay will pay roughly around $50 so i only need 2 games to draw to make my money back and a little. hope this works out.

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    hit 3 out of 4. so I placed 6 $5 2 game parlays for $30 and I netted $141.31. I wish did round robins w 2's & 3's but just 2's gave a nice return. this may be something to look into. the other game I was looking at chivas/columbus but didn't include as my 4 was a draw as well. I think I may try next week with $10 plays instead of $5 plays. I don't want to go too much because it's still experimental and not real real confident. but at $10 a play even if I strike out, the next 2 weeks are paid with todays winnings.
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    i really don't like todays card for draws but I'm going to try toronto/kc, chicago/seattle, ny/columbus, & sj/houston. round robin w/2's at $10.does anybody think philly can win. at +357 I might give that a shot colorado can't draw every game can they?
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    have a look at japan j league and korea k league ..sometimes even more draws than in mls.

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    I guess colorado will draw every game,lol, wish I put that in the parlay, but am glad I didn't put anything on philly. anyway another good saturday for mls. I went 3-1 missing on the sj/houston game. I was worried about that one because sj is decent at home. invested $60 grossed $306, netted $276 off the round robin draws. not bad. 2 weeks 6-2 +$417

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    Very nice, i will keep an eye on this thread for sure. When is the next day you will do this? Good job

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    probably next sat but sometimes I play the weeknight mls games by themselves

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    today today I'm going with DC/SJ, Houston/chivas $20. I would add port/col but with 5 draws in a row for col, that scares me, they got to have a side some time. I like chicago/columbus tomorrow but I don't like spreading parlays over days, just a personal thing. so no RR just a single 2 game parlay.

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    Well fail today. i thought todays picks would hit but wasn't very confident which is why i only picked 2 games. still like tomorrow Chicago/Columbus. down$20 today for mls draws.

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    MLS is full of sh*t. i dont know why the injury was so long in the LA-Tor game. 2 goals in injury time??? WTF! WOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettorjon View Post
    MLS is full of sh*t. i dont know why the injury was so long in the LA-Tor game. 2 goals in injury time??? WTF! WOW
    Late goals have been killing me in this league.

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    colorado finally didn't draw, of course it took them 92 minutes to score. still 3 draws last night but I picked the wrong ones. didn't really see Phil/ salt lake drawing. those teams usually don't so that's why I didn't pick that game. LA, lol, idk, they should have won that, I mean, c'mon it's toronto. After losing my 2game parlay I did place a late small single wager on seattle/van and small RR parlay with col/port & today's chicago/columbus . so hope today's game goes through. I won't add or subtract these late wagers to the running total because I didn't post it 'officially', unless you all think I should. but so far 3 weekends 6-4('official' individual game picks) +$397 on mls draw parlays.

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    Punk bitches and thier 91min goal!!wtf

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    MLS is going to be in trouble if the low scores and draws keep up

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    Agree mate!! Sometimes it looks like it's fixed!!!

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    I really like the draw today. seattle/toronto, chicago/NE, columbus/houston, dallas/chivas. these are the 4 I going with. RR w/ 2's at $10 a piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mart59a View Post
    Any thoughts on Philadelphia at Vancouver?
    I do like that one also as a possible draw. I was debating this game and the chivas game as my 4th play. even though philly is on the road I give a slight advantage to them based on similar games played. I would take philly +.5 if you can to be safe

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    seattle/toronto got busted up by a 90min goal. that hurts. houston/columbus doesn't look good with houston down 1-0 and a red card. hopefully chivas/dallas will come through. ne/chicago did draw

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    What bs. 1-3 -$60. 90 min goal in Seattle game & 85 min goal in chivas game killed us. tough break. hopefully we do better next week. only 2 draws this week odd.

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    with the 1-3 yesterday 4 week total 7-7 +$337. a side note. I'm also looking into argentina. it is a good draw league as well. yesterday I went 2-1 in draws did a RR w/2's at $10 a piece so netted $80 there. just in case anybody likes draws like me, it's another league to play.
    and GL on the portland game tonight psulions

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    wow crazy end to that game, but we'll take that draw and the money.

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    Yes finally on the right side of a late goal score. 96 min goal by ny. draws back in business baby!

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    $10.00 $94.98 Pending 2 Team Parlay
    Pending 6/22/11 7:30pm USA MLS Soccer 151 Draw (Sporting Kansas City (USA-MLS) vs Philadelphia Union (USA-MLS)) +223* vs Sporting Kansas City (USA-MLS)
    Pending 6/22/11 8:30pm USA MLS Soccer 154 Draw (Salt Lake (USA-MLS) vs Chicago (USA-MLS)) +225* vs Salt Lake (USA-MLS)

    this is the official thread play. I did on the side do a RR w/ (River Plate (ARG) vs Belgrano (ARG)) +210) so hopefully I hit all 3.

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    YAY! got the mls parlay. 9-7 +$431 for this thread. wish I could have got the argentine game to go through but I guess can't win em all.

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    for the round robins I think I'm going to take 2 games today and 2 tomorrow $10RR. the games I will go with are LA/SJ(I really don't like going against LA, they are the one team in mls I would bet a side on, and SJ is good at home, but I think we got a shot here), Van/KC(both suck, like to draw, KC at home worries me a little but should go through), chi/NY, columbus/colorado. two games I was thinking about was houston/DC, and Phil/chivas but decided not to. I don't know how much teams change from year to year but looking at past h2h matchups(which is why I decided against this game) I think houston & over might look good there. no argentine games, in brazil maybe abc/nautico, corbita/cruzierio. I might take the brazil as singles. GL
    actually scratch that corbita/cruzierio game, the asa/vilanova line looks more like a draw.
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