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    Malaga to beat "Barcelona B" today?

    From Barcelona's official page

    Guardiola travels without eight of his first team squad - Valdés, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol, Piqué and the injured Milito, with B team youngsters Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Thiago, Dos Santos and Oier drafted in. Adriano is also welcomed back to the squad after his injury layoff.

    8 of the starting team will miss the match. And Barca has the champions league final in Tuesday.
    Malaga on the other hand is ninth in the spanish primera league.

    Any thoughts? The match starts in a couple hours.

    Imo there's some value in this...

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    The B team will want to impress, Barca have played without a lot of the big players since winning the league.

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    Yeah, looks like a draw to me. Pretty much the same as last game against Depor. Also the Barca 'b' is still decent, bunch of kids with great future but lacking the minutes. As said ,I would go for the draw.

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    See your angle though. I mean Malaga are unbeaten in 7, and have only lost 1 of the last 8 home matches. They would be a solid bet but these are no slouches or ordinary kids, they are good players being kept out of the side by the best players in the world as GMilst points out. So probable draw imo but one of those games where any result wouldnt be a big surprise.

    BOL with your play.

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    Thank for the heads up... On goal it says they will play -___-'. Im taking +0.5 malaga.