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    Levante DRAW @ 5.2

    - Barca need a DRAW to seal Liga title, they probably wont go all out for the win here...

    Levante DRAW @ 5.2 [1x]

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    Barça always plays for the win and i dont think they will rest a ton of key players. If the CL final was this weekend, i could see a draw maybe. But considering they dont have any important game for more than 2 weeks, i feel they will go and try to win it, possibly to break the record for most away wins in league history.

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    Yeah man fair play if you think its going to be a draw but your logic "barca only need a draw" is weak. Barca play attacking football. They go for the win.

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    This game logic is not right Special One, they win easy 1-0 or 2-0. OF course, that's not all out.

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    Good call, too busy to notice this but it was almost a "lock" with the way Barca was passing. Only danger was Messi's 2 beautiful runs but that was it.

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    Fair play to you man. I still don't agree with the logic behind it and feel Barca were just unlucky not to win. I mean what was Pique doing? Messi denied by the post for 2 aswell.

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    Nice call! You saw this one with a clear head.
    A lot of the time when a team with a huge budget is all set with its goals for the year they try and "make some money back". I don't know if it's coincidence, but I've seen it happen over the years.
    Anyway, I'm glad for you cashing at those odds!

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