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    Ever had a huge pimple with no head on it?

    got one on my head now. I tried to pop it even with no head. Didn't work out too well so i brought out the needle. Not going to well with that either.

    Now i can't even leave the ******* house. Everyone will think i got beat up with this hole and red mark

    I got tooth paste on it now. Its a natural cure.

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    keep popping that zit and see if a winner comes out.

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    Get that shit checked out. Might not be a pimple.

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    if it has no head u should just leave it alone dude

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    a boil or cyst maybe ?

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    yes a boil probaly, i still pop it . Only water and blood came out. No cyst

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    i had one on my sac but it went away after a few days but walking was difficult during that time

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    Get a hot rag on that. That usually helps a head to come. Sometimes those big boils can take a few day to come to a head though...

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    yes with boils and sal, hot rag with epson salt does the trick. Just looked like a pimple too me. Oh the boil isalmost gone. Its destroyed by my sqweezing

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    That junk will scar be careful. You do not want to look like a bull!

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    cause players talk is suppose to be about sports talk stuff, not zits.

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