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    Parlay Oscar Betting

    Hey Guys,

    Quick question I couldn't find the answer in a search. Is there a betting site where you can Parlay oscar bets? I can't do it on Bodog and my friend couldn't do it on Bet US. I wanted to do the parlay from Millman's podcast. Thanks.

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    i dont know about a parlay but 5dimes and heritage are a good place to check out

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    As as I know of , there is not any book that will let you do this.

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    No way they let you parlay oscar bets.

    There are at least 5 almost sure bets in the oscars. Parlaying all of them gives you better than 2.00 odds which would be a nightmare for any book.

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    Don't think i've come across a bookie that let's you do that

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    the ladies in the club and we're gonna take some SHOTS...LAAAA DA DA DA

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    yeah sure things like oscars are never parlay-able.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beermankirk View Post
    yeah sure things like oscars are never parlay-able.
    You can parlay Wrestlmania at 5dimes
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    I know this is really late, but for next year go to 5dimes, as it has everru a