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    Ok, so I've been singing the praises of lately, but....I cashed out for $3600 last Friday and was wondering why my withdrawal had not yet been processed.

    Today I get an email from sportsbook that says:

    "Thanks for your recent withdrawal request.
    We wanted to let you know that your withdrawal for $3,641.00 requested on 2/23/2007 has been processed. However, there’s a slight delay in getting the check out to you. Sorry about that.
    You should receive your check within the next 10-12 business days, but don’t hesitate to contact us via email or use our live chat service to get an update on your payment's progress."

    I talked to one of the live chat ppl and they said:
    "Unfortunately there is a delay in processing withdrawals due to the fact we have changed to a new processor. This change was made to improve our customers security."

    Lately sportsbook has been great about processing withdrawals quickly. But with all that's been going on in the industry, I'm worried that I'm about to get screwed. Does the payment processor thing sound like a legit excuse to people? I guess I can understand it. Maybe I am being paranoid?

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    Chexx Inc. dropped them. Now they're with a new processor. Wait at least a few more weeks before you get your panties in a bunch.

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    most everyone is having payout issues these days. i dont think that alone makes any book any more likely to screw you. has a history of screwing people though, so playing there isn't a real good idea imo.

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    "Sorry about that !"

    I get a mental picture of Maxwell Smart saying that to the Chief.

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    Been with them off and on for 4 years. I made a cash out for $1260 last monday it was sent fedex and got thursday

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    I made a cashout on monday and tuesday of last week. The cashout on Monday was processed right away and I too got it on Thursday. I'm still waiting for the cashout from Tuesday. I was on live chat for 10 minutes before the moron I was talking to told me there was a 10-12 business day delay. idiot kept insisting the check was mailed last wednesday.

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    I w/d on the 17th, got a confirmation that the check was sent Fedex on the 21st, then yesterday got the same message. They had been really good since the changeover, but this screams "Watch out!". It might be wise to wait for the check rather than accept their "generous" offer to cancel the w/d. If they were smart, they'd offer some kind of bonus to those that choose to cancel.

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    Not to partypoop or anything, but these are very trying times, so there's the remote possibility that playing at a D book, in a perhaps kind of way, may not be the way to go.

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    Valid point, but this is the first time I've had a w/d problem with them. If a player is consistently having problems and continues to play with that book, there should be very little sympathy for them. Your other point about these being trying times makes me leery about opening a new account anywhere.
    I'm not sure I want to send money by ** to a guy in rural Texas to open an account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickySteve View Post
    Chexx Inc. dropped them. Now they're with a new processor. Wait at least a few more weeks before you get your panties in a bunch.
    Agreed. Chexx Inc checks used to take like three days via FedEx, which was free. I haven't used these guys in awhile, but I'd rather have money with SPortsbook than a lot of other places.

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    SO what does everyone htink about delay in payout. They have had pretty goo drecord of paying out, only problems cited had to do with bonus abuse issues, that although are ridiculous, they im sure did come from someone trying to get a couple binuses from same parent company.

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    Any updates?

    Does anyone have any updates of payout delays? I asked for a withdrawal ($1,000+) on 2/22/07 and received an email saying that my payment was being processed. I used to get an email 24-48 hours later saying the payment was sent. I never got an email so after a few days I called and was notified of what happened. With all thats going on with the U.S. trying to crack down on offshore gambling, I can understand delays; however, i was upset that they didn't make any attempts to notify me before i deposited money (of course they'd do this as to not lose business- but its still shady). I also didn't like the fact that I had to call in to find out what happened, instead of them sending me an email or something.

    Anyhow, if any of you have any updates, it'd be much appreciated. I'm moving out of state in a few weeks so hopefully i'll get a check by then. If not, i could see this being a pain in the butt, trying to get them to send the check to another address.

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    i just talked 2 support today and this is what they told me

    Unfortunately, withdrawals made in the last week have been subject to unusual delays due to the increased volume of checks. The recent change in our withdrawal policy means that all customers are now receiving their payment as a check. You should receive your check within the next 10-12 business days. However, if you wish to cancel your pending withdrawal request just let us know and your funds will be available in your account within a few hours.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we endeavor to minimise withdrawal processing times.

    I mean i kinda understand since now the there is no neteller and other stuff they are doing alot of checks which could slow things down i would imagine

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    Quote Originally Posted by pags11 View Post
    yet another reason not to play with Tacomax's favorite book...
    Good one Pags.....

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    I'm still a little concerned about a book that says they've "processed" the w/d, but say they can put the money back in your account pretty easily. Also, the message they're sending today is IDNETICAL to the one sent a week ago. Does that mean a w/d made sometime over a week ago should be expecting a check any moment? It would be nice if someone posted they got a check.

    Maybe they should send Nikki Cox to deliver the checks personally.

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    I am in the same boat - 1k on the 23 requested - note on the 26th stating processed - but 10/12 business days - I talked / emailed / chatted with them but they won't break the talking points.

    I have been with them for over 4 years now without issue and this is the thanks I get.

    Nothing on their website / payment processor states any of this - they still show fedex as a free service for over 1k withdrawals.... Who wants a check fedex'd when you have to wait 3 weeks to have it process. I am afraid these folks look to be going down.

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    Sorry to hear the bad about them. I have no reason to take up for them. I mean i have never had a prob with them in the past 3+ years i been with them. I think the prob is now that neteller and such other options arent available now everything has to go out by check. Im guessing more than 50% of past withdraws were neteller alone so there is more involved? Then again i cant see what could take so long just click print check and they are done. Hope u get ur money soon

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    I just talked to someone that had somewhat of an idea of what they were talking about after mis-hearing my user name for about 5 mins.

    So, if the check processing system is back up Friday which is unlikely, then they are going to start with all wd's made on the 18th and work forward. My $$$ was cashed on the 22 and he informed me that it is going to be a while.

    I am worried about who their new processor is...

    Anyone know anything else or know of any poker sites to dump this money into then cash out quicker there?

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    Sportsbook delay in checks

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    can we have Bill Dozer check into this? I would to know what the real story is and is our money safe? After they sold to a private company maybe that was there goal keep things normal for a while keep the deposits coming then pull this crap. I know Bill got my 4,000 from a sportsbook that was going bust so getting an answer from these people shouldnt be as hard.

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    I just love how there is no new info and people can still deposit with their ************ on Trun what do you mean by cc?

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    I am in a similar situation but have 5k sitting in their accounts.
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    How can you dispute CC charges for gambling purposes? Otherwise, couldn't anyone get a cash advance at a casino, claim there was some kind of fraud (served too much alcohol, maybe?) and refuse to pay? And what if they just ttok the money and made the same claim?

    What may tell the tale is how aggressive SB becomes with deposit bonuses. The recent one involves shirts, shoes and different levels of Vegas Insider picks. That wouldn't be as scary as 50% or something similar.

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    like i mentioned -- i really didnt know where to turn - never expected the delay

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    Its been a couple of weeks and it looks like the status has not changed. I mentioned to them that it is very misleading to be taking bets and deposits with the customer having no way to know when or if they're going to get their money, but of course they had no answer to this. They should at least post a note on their website. At the time that i placed by bets and requested a withdrawal, their website was still stating that checks would be fedexed in 24-48 hours. This is a very disheartening situation. I just wish this happened to a smaller withdrawal that i usually make, but of course, when i make a large withdrawal, this happens. Anyways, I've been considering disputing it with my CC company too, but exstatman is right, what can we really say. Only thing i can think is that, our final "product", the check, was never delivered as promised (the 24-48 hours that their website stated). I don't know, do any of you guys know who we can turn to?
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    10-12 days then I will start looking for alternative options

    Bet US is still using E checks and guarantees the money in 1 day after the 3 day verification process.

    Why sportsbook?
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    Hey everybody.

    I am in same boat as all of you. I dont think there is anything to worry about. Just be patient. It will take a while, but hoefully not to long. It is a pain, but I have been reassured by the staff here at SBR, and at Vegas Insider, and one or two others, that is in great financial position, has juts set up new growth initiatives, and has no intention of doing anything other than get us our money as soon as they can. Over the last few weeks, they ahve received 3-5 thousand withdrawal requests everyday. Without the use of any other withdrawal method, you coudl imagine thi swould cause a huge delay. They have switched to a larger check processor, and that mean resending all the withdrawals to the processor again, which is quite a serious task.

    I think all will be ok in the end, they have a great reputation for paying their customers, they just have a huge customer base, so a small problem turns into a big problem and big delay very quickly. The problem is just the processing, and not the financial situation, which is important.

    The worst part I agree, is their customer service which is very unhelpful and unknowing, which unnerves us all, but I think that is just how they are, and the withdrawals will come, just very slowly.

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    I don't know if i buy that excuse. It maybe true it maybe not. All I know is, sportsbook and their affiliates had been using the same process for over a month and there were no delays, everything seemed to be working fine. When I called in they had said that chexx, inc decided to end their contract with due to u.s. regulations, that this wasn't's decision. Who knows, the customer service guy was probably talking out of his ass ( i did get two different stories, the two different times i called). They guaranteed me that I would have my money in 9-12 days, but its been over 2 weeks now...obviously this guarantee means nothing. I'm not so much worried about their financial situation, but I am worried about how they will be able to get their money to us. Did they really find another company who can get us checks or are they still searching???

    If this was their choice to switch check processors, don't you think they would have planned ahead and planned a smooth transition? Instead there is this dead time where NOBODY is getting paid and NOBODY knows when or if they'll get paid. Who knows, with all these delays, i'm sure a lot of people have stopped betting on their site and i'm sure more are going to stop. This already has and will create losses in revenue and profits...maybe their financial position isn't so great...

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    im not sure i buy the whole story though. If they are so backed up they would bring in extra help for the time being to get things back to normal starting to worry alittle. wrote support again and got the following. I swear they have this ready to be copy pasted.

    Ahmed Jones: withdrawals made in the last two weeks or so have been subject to unusual delays due to the increased volume of checks. The recent change in our withdrawal policy means that all customers are now receiving their payment as a check.

    Ahmed Jones: The measure we took to fix the problem was implementing a new processor. This should bring withdrawal times back to 2-5 business days. this will be resolved by the end of the week.

    I really dont see this being resolved by the end of the week

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    Wow, that is a completely different story than what i got a couple of weeks ago. I love how their story changes.

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