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    kings THAT good or canucks THAT bad

    i said from the beginning when i predicted a vancouver sweep that it wasnt bc the canucks were so good but that the kings were so bad. i guess following along those lines, i would say la is about to advance because vancouver is THAT bad.
    i still dont wanna give the kings any credit

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    well Daniel Sedin is out with a concussion so that is a huge loss for Van.

    But I can't take credit away from LA...ever since they got Jeff Carter from Columbus they have been very good
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    This is true. Carolina won when they had Cam Ward on fire in the playoffs. Boston won last year largely because of Tim Thomas. Goalies win cups.

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    8 seed beating a 1. Happens all the time.

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    LA did not deserve the win tonight. It made me sick.

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    Fact is their still playing better, even if its just marginally. If they advance it's because they've outplayed the 'nucks.

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    kings know how to conserve energy, 3 periods of playoff hockey is exhausting, and they tired the canucks out

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    Canucks made dumb mistakes all series.
    They took a lot of penalties, plenty of unnecessary ones. They were caught sloppy in their own zone more than once, gave the puck away and gave up goals. With the man advantage, not only they were completely unproductive but again careless with the puck which resulted in shorthanded goals.
    Those are mistakes you cant get away with in playoffs.
    Im rooting for the Kings big time but im trying not to overreact here. Kings were able to capitalize on all mistakes. What i have seen is Canucks playing terrible series so far.
    Like it was mentioned already, one huge factor for KINGS off course is Quick. Without him they wouldnt be any close to playoffs come March, let alone being up 3-0 against first seed.

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    Kings have better goaltending, better defence, and are fully healthy, but the deciding factor in this series has been team toughness. The Canucks just don't have any, and the results are showing. Their stars are betting pummelled, and their forwards are afraid to go to the dirty areas or forcheck aggressively. We're seeing a repeat of what happened against Boston last year. Shouldn't expect anything less from a team of gutless cheapshot artists and divers.

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    Gap between 8 n 1 seeds is nothing in hockey. Way much more parity then people realize. Go look at the nba prices when they come out for the series and ull see this isnt even much an upset at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
    Two words.

    Jonathon Quick

    Kid has been in beast mode all year. He's unreal

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnShow View Post

    Kid has been in beast mode all year. He's unreal
    Except when they needed to beat the Sharks to win the division and got buried.

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    canucks org. is full of losers. hodgson is happy to be out of there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaas187 View Post
    canucks org. is full of losers. hodgson is happy to be out of there.
    You think so? You think he is happy to be hitting his 9 iron rather than suiting up?

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    Kings definitely aren't that good. The Canucks are playing with no urgency and passionless for the most part. Special teams has been the key to this series though. The Canucks haven't scored a PP goal and LA has 3 or 4 plus 2 short handed goals.

    Quick really hasn't had to be amazing in goal. He's been solid no doubt but the last two games he had only a handful of tough saves despite the high save total. LA's team D is playing sick in front of him and limiting the Nucks from getting many quality scoring chances.