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    Broncos WR rips Tebow

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    Just lost all respect for demaryius thomas. What a pussy.

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    rips isn't really accurate. he didn't say anything that wasn't true.

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    These guys only rip a player when they leave

    Scared to death if Tebow was still on the team

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    are you guys really surprised at the comments? we all knew that teblow is garbage and who knows teblow better than his former teammates.

    yeah this kid shoulda just kept his big mouth shut but it's hard to tell black people to keep their mouths shut...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    These guys only rip a player when they leave

    Scared to death if Tebow was still on the team

    this. what a chump.

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    didnt really rip, just spoke too honestly, he'll learn how to to babble to the media someday and then we'll all be happy knowing nothing

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    Not surprised at all. Actualy happy someone in league finally came out and said it. The kid sucks.

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    Thomas wasn't ripping anyone, just speaking the plain hard truth. Tebow had the most 3 and outs by any team last year. Not many defense is capable of keeping that many games close like the Broncos did in 2011, when Tebow can't sustain any kind of drive until the very late 4th quarter. This thread title is very misleading.

    The Jets will feel the Tebow wrath, ugh Carnival freak show soon enough

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    How is that a rip ???

    Thomas said "I cant get no balls" That double negative means he gets alot of balls.

    I think the truth we wil find out, is that the Denver receivers are not very good. They drop alot of balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nookx View Post
    Just lost all respect for demaryius thomas. What a pussy.
    me too

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    When reading the headline "Denver WR rips Tebow", I knew with certainty it had to be a black player.

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    i read the article, didn't seem like he ripped tebow, just stated how it was, and in his opinion he's happy to be a reciever on a team with a better throwing quarterback. can't blame recievers on a tim tebow team really for having some complaints.

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    lol at black people

    they preach loyalty and togetherness and all this bullshit... and then they stab a guy in the back in the national news the first chance they get.


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    D Thomas was right with every single thing he said, yet people here still bashed himDoesn't matter though, because Manning is going to make him a pro bowl receivers this year guaranteed.

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    He's not even good, should shut his mouth until he's worth talking about.

    Its not like he did anything before Tebow was there, he actually did worse with Orton.
    Blame should be put on playcalling/coaches.

    Dude was in the top 10 in dropped passes and they barely threw him the ball.

    Denver had 3 WR's in statistical leaders for dropped passes, yet they ran the ball almost every play.

    Cup 2nd place

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    any one of you wanna make a bet demaryius thomas has double the output from last year? as long as he stays healthy i say he puts up 1000 yards and 8 tds.