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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkTX View Post
    Congrats Bronxer!!!!!!

    Unreal win! Glad I didn't hedge out!!!! 4000:1 payout just made my Easter weekend!

    unreal shot out of the pine straw

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    Bubba earned that one. Big time.

    Congrats to anyone backing Bubba.

    Nothing like Masters Sunday. Nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mriceyman View Post
    Best shot in awhile anywhere.. bubba the man
    Actually, Oost's shot that got him to extra holes was unlike anything we've ever seen in a major tourney - it put him into 1st on Sunday in Augusta.

    And yet that doesn't take away from Bubba's shot at all. I was looking at Bubba's numbers plummet on live wagering as he was lining up his shot from deep in the crap. Then he came up HUGE!

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    Classy guy. Hopefully he wins a few more majors.
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    Nice hit here Bronxer...U did well

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    Great win Bronxer

    Good to see a guy like you win

    Your a sharp fuk

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    fun ending to a pretty crappy day up until that point (knicks/cardinals wins hurt)

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    sharp fukkin play...

    Liked Louis +530 to start the day...

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    Little late to the party on this, but nice hit Br0xner.
    I watch the Masters every year... think I'm going to start betting on golf more and watching.
    Sick ending yesterday.

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    I got Bubba at 40/1 at the start. Too bad I only bet $1. Lol.

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    bubba at 55-1 was absolutey a MONSTER win for me yesterday

    bet him and mahan 2 weeks on 5D

    thanks bubba!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZetaPsi808 View Post
    how much u got on bubba?
    Quote Originally Posted by Br0nxer View Post

    +1200 for 300
    Quote Originally Posted by ZetaPsi808 View Post
    good luck bronx.

    idk sh1t about golf. too slow paced of a game for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Br0nxer View Post

    Nice hit Bronx, Glad to c u 2 getiing along. Both good posters

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