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    Winners and Losers report April 5th 2012

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    Holy f*&^ haha -6600. Next time you're feeling generous MY casino is open for business

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    Great work Jonelyn!

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    There were hundreds of winners though

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    Jonelyn showing a little darkside, unloading on onlooker!

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    6625 to be exact. I was bored yesterday.

    Not sure why SBR is so bitter toward me. Then again, maybe I am.

    Not the first cheap shot, and probably won't be the last.
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    I got your back looker. fok em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBR_John View Post
    I got your back looker. fok em.
    Thanks John. I have a feeling who the bitter party is.

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    sounds like she was rubbing it in a little

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    Feel your loss onlooker. I am not sure but I think the hostess of the video was fighting a smile and she said it was only fitting that the biggest loser.....