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    Just as posted last might all my points..not very much is Allin on Baylor Bears to win National Championship...worked for me last night with Kentucky...Griner will monster her wsy to 40~0...Im giving
    out the good karma again tonight...and just like last night if anyone wants to throw me some points.ill put more..every last one on

    Baylor -315
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    Notre Dame FTW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwinyourmoney View Post
    Use my points and take the spread
    I will if any one else donates for the spread as well ill do it at 430 will post up ticket on here....i see the beasts thriving big tonight iwini

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    GO Baylor Beasts

    Good Luck to everyone backing the MAN-Shes of Baylor University...

    Play Hard!!!!!!!!

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