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    RyanLeafofBets: What's With Your Boy and Pain pills?;_yl...yanleaf-arrest

    So many guys take a beating in the NFL and your boy didn't play for that long to be risking his freedom for pain.

    I've taken prescribed oxycodone becuase I'm about to endure my 3rd surgery in a year but this stuff isn't hardcore. It put's the slightest of buzzes on you. At times, I hardly feel the after effects.

    Why is he doing this? To numb the mental pain and he's afraid to take hardcore drugs? Dude is like Corey Haim going to 20 pharmacies and robbing houses. That's extreme for oxycodone.

    This guy doesn't need jail, he need's rehab before this get's out of control.

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    The degen gene. How many guys here sign their paychecks over to the books with 0 hope of ever getting them back?

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    Prescription addiction is somewhat of a concern but robbing houses to get the meds? That's beyond extreme.

    Uh flashback to the Draft....who would you rather have now? Manning or Leaf? WOW---(I was leaning towards Manning because of his dad Archie and leaf had some skills....holy shi%......this look's embarrassing now)

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    My guess...

    He has so much regret from being a huge bust that he just needs to find some way to cope with the pain? Dude is a nutcase.

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    i wouldn't regret taking an $11 million signing bonus and nice salary for doing nothing

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    Not true that oxy is mild......It fukks people up badly after a while, the buzz is big if you don't have any pain to begin with

    What was your prescription/How many Milligrams of it