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    Just lost $710 at the BetIslands Casino

    I know it's rigged and I still couldn't stop!!!!!!

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    We've all been there. What game did you in?

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    Play craps if anything or maybe baccarat

    These casinos must be money makers

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    I closed my casino at BI, one of the things I liked about rebate was no casino

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    I hear ya- major losses past two weeks @bovada 1k x2

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    Such a bad feeling after being had like that...unfortunately I have felt it too

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    Brutal, make this the last time you let this happen.

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    disabling the casinos at every sportsbook was the smartest thing i ever did

    except the one i didn't have disabled and pissed away $1000 a week or so ago

    hang in there megatron, almost all of us have been there

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    Betisland casino

    Where dreams come true

    Jon Cheers

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    want to say licensed thievery

    but they do not even have licenses , except maybe from some banana republic that is not worth the paper it is written on

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    more like unlicensed stupidity (for playing games of chance)

    reading these threads makes me want to start a casino. people are so stupid with money that could go to SO MANY better things.

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    yeah another theft. Whenever you deposit at a book immediately have them disable the casino. Trust me you'll be better off. They can't steal your money via their casino unless you allow them too.

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    I will never arrive to understand why degens still do this. Glad I never had this online casino habit.