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    Not if but when...

    So this is how I like to play the horses...

    Play only the Maiden Claiming and/or Maiden Special Weight or Claiming with a condition(like non winners of 2 races lifetime).

    Only play these races when they are run on TURF! Now u have singled a few races a day Max. It is my learned/educated opinion, that these are the conditions most ripe for a long shot horse to WIN!

    Now here is my strategy...

    Wait till 1 min to post to decide if the odds are right. I.E. we don't want to lay action on a 50/1 horse ML that has been bet down to 11/1. We want to pass in that case and shoot for theopposite


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    Con't....OK when we find a rare race like specified above, we want to target the long shot going off at high odds. Say the long shot is 15/1 ML going off at 25/1 at 1 min till post.

    Strategy = $5 long shot to WIN. We rarely bet to place or show.

    2nd wager = The Exacta $1 Longshot in first/ ALL for 2nd

    3rd wager daily double( if available) $1 long shot / ALL for following race

    Now not if but when long shot wins...we are guaranteed the Win bet, the Exacta and the daily double.

    There are other exotic bets we can play if our bankroll supports it but generally costs more to wager and allows for misses( not guaranteed).these being the trifectas, superfectas, pick3s, pick4s.

    Now as we all know the long shots don't hit that often but they do hit more then the odds disclose...especially when the general public bets the favs which turn the longshot into a serious overlay.
    So each race if a field of say 8 would be $ 20

    Again not if but when...we are looking are say $125 for the win bet the $1 ex prob be between 300-600 and your daily double between 4-1200 depending on who the other horses are as to whether your odds = astronomical!!!

    As a math major horse racing I feel is more about math then any other sport. U can spend a lifetime becoming a better handicapping and way is right. Finding your method and don't let anyone talk u different

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    your system is loaded with too many flaws to even discuss.

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