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    pretty lame time of year for sports!!!

    down to only 3 college basketball games, NBA sucks, no point in betting nascar or golf

    Regular season baseball cant get here fast enough

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    Don't worry, you have the Minnesota Gophers plus points tomorrow in the NIT. Take that one to the bank.

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    /end thread

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    Meh, this is my down time during the year. I enjoy the break before a very heavy baseball season kicks off.

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    Completely agree, just a few more days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul786 View Post
    Don't bet hockey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVHerbie View Post

    /end thread
    Double LOL

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    what??..this is the best time of 5 dimes u can bet on wrestlemania 28,lol....put your mortgage on the undertaker!..i won every match but 1 last yr and made over a g,lol

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    Leetreaper! Where ya been, havent seen you in forever bro.

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    Bearsy stop being a ignorant american and realise there are a plethora of opportunities to be had outside of the US sports...

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    Bro have been so busy, travel a lot, move to a new place, etc, SUP?

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    Nm man, place has been overrun with awful cappers and trolls. Still doing my thing, trying to hit as many winners as possible lol. You were doing well in NCAA hoops before you left.

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    Yeah i can tell, doing well in tourney as well, hope everything is good with you too.
    Gonna play baseball seriously, see ya soon.

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    Yea, I'm posting with some of the NCAA crew in "The Dugout." Ready to kill it again. Lets do it.

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    r guys having a bromance here? trying to bet on cm punk here

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    I agree NBA sucks with its shenanigans and you guys keep bringing up baseball, how quickly you forget, I think there are more shenanigans in baseball and for good reason, much longer season, naturally guys arnt gonna put forth the best effort every time out either, plus its such a mental and psychological game. Im not in a hurry for baseball.

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    I'm also wondering why this got thrown in the NASCAR forum, I do agree about MLB though