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    Quote Originally Posted by t-wizzle View Post
    Forte would be a perfect fit for the Patriots with not only his rushing ability but his ability to block and catch passes out of the backfield.
    As long as the Bears have a shit O-line and Cutler has to check down constantly, he is a perfect fit for the Bears too is the problem.

    I'd be shocked if the Bears would trade a guy who fits so well in their offense without getting the farm and I don't see the Patriots overpaying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimpy View Post
    Bears need a better O Line

    they been had needed that

    I think they are going the route of the Steelers and saying F our quarterbacks health and brain, we can WIN without help on the offensive line and piece some shit together and win anyways.

    Hope Cutler survives

    its really amazing what he has done despite having no o-line or anyone but Forte to throw to as a last option most of the time, and going through so many offensive coordinator changes in his career. Put this guy in New Orleans or Green Bay from the last few years and I think he is a pro bowler easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenhippo View Post
    Foster a better runner and 10X better than any back when it comes to receiving. No question about the latter.
    lets not quickly forget about shady mccoy either

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    Give the Bears Matt Light and their #1 the next 2 seasons and we're on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2bets View Post
    Give the Bears Matt Light and their #1 the next 2 seasons and we're on.
    Not happening. And Matt Light is most likely retiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryHill View Post
    Dude shut the fukk up we can see that all over the place for ourselves we don't need ur fat ass posting it get fukkin lost

    seriously...go buy a treadmill and come back when you have lost 200 lbs u make me wanna puke

    Doesn't this post belong in the private section?
    It is not moderated.
    I am beginning to wonder if player talk is moderated?

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    Patriots did trade away their runningback Green-Ellis. They could get this runningback.

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