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    Pat Robertson believes Peyton Manning should get hurt this year

    If Pat Robertson's vision of theological payback comes true, Peyton Manning will be injured this season as retribution for the Denver Broncos getting rid of Tim Tebow.
    The televangelist was speaking recently on "The 700 Club," which is apparently still on television. He recited Tebow's accolades from the 2011 season and wondered whether the Broncos were tempting fate by leaving him off their 2012 ark.

    "And you just ask yourself," Robertson said, "OK, so Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback, but he's been injured. If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right."
    Hey, what did Peyton do? He went to the team that wanted him the most. The Broncos were the ones who cast their wandering eyes elsewhere and besmirched the sanctity of the quarterback-franchise marriage! Wish a locust attack on the team or pray that Denver has to go play Detroit in a literal Lions den.

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    Better start building those arks in Denver

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    He should of got fired for insulting the Haiti Earthquake victims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Odom View Post

    How many posters on SBR wanted a player to get hurt, knocked-out or killed because they lost only 10.00 bucks ??

    Rev Pat would fit in well here...

    Pat Robertson is so pissed about Tebow trade,he's asking god to get Manning injured.

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    I heard about this too. It baffles me that this guy is still on TV. I find Pat Robertson 10 times more offensive than Howard Stern. Who in their right mind would send this guy any money?

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    God should insure that Manning plays all 16 games to thwart Robertson trying to use him on such a trivial matter

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    If he gets injured he gets injured. Oh well. Theres always next decade.

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    Oh and wishing injury on someone with a freaking children's hospital named after his charitable works