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    Tebow and Bayless... here we go

    Skip Bayless and all you guys who say Tebow will replace Sanchez are crazy. Tebow wins... Tebow wins... Hasn't Mark Sanchez been to the AFC Championship 2 out of the last 3 years... Isn't that winning???

    Has Tebow accomplished more than that in the NFL and I missed it???

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    27 minutes before they even mention the Saints suspensions... Unreal

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    I seriously question this guy's sanity. He has no problems ripping guys like Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, you name it but with Tebow he can do no wrong. He claims Tebow will never make a pro bowl yet he will win a Super Bowl. I can't think of the last QB to win a Super Bowl who wasn't a pro bowler at least once. Hell, even Dilfer went to 1 pro bowl.

    Never before has so much attention been heaped upon such a lousy player.

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    Tebow is just a shittier Sanchez. Both need to have top rated defenses to win. Neither one can carry a team by themselves.... People don't realize Tebow gets all this praise for making one decent play every game. It was the defense that kept the Broncos in each game. "Super Bowl" quarterbacks make "Tebow-like" plays every time down the field...

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    Sanchez sucks kok

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    Never been so mad as a jet fan now were gonna have all these people saying to play tebow who has never watched a jets game.......fuk you woody johnson