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    Fan Duel $250 MLB Opening Day FreeRoll

    SBR $250 Free Contest on

    Date: 05/04/2012
    Buyin: $0
    Prizepool: $250

    How to play
    1. Simply CLICK HERE to sign up for an account at FanDuel.
    2. Pick you team within the $35k salary cap. Consisting of P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS and 3xOF.
    3. Watch the live scoring on FanDuel during the games and see how your picks perform.

    If you’re into fantasy baseball, you’re going to be blown away by FanDuel – where fantasy baseball leagues last just one day. AND you can play for real money. With instant cash payouts and a brand new team every single day of the season – FanDuel takes fantasy baseball fun to a whole new level.

    Our friends at FanDuel are offering you the opportunity to try out FanDuel for FREE with the chance to win a share of a cool $250.

    p.s. FanDuel is 100% legal in the US and Canada, based in New York, and if you want to play with real money you can deposit and withdraw using PayPal and all major cards.

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    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/26/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY8th Place 4/21/2014

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    Hell Yeah!

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    donation 1/7/2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUCKYCHUCK View Post
    you gotta love fanduel

    Chuck: you are a great competitior but all you do is play free contests. What else do you do?

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    Thanks SBR...

    May 4th or April 5th??

    Edit by SBR Lou: 05/04/2012 corresponds to April 5th in every country in the world except the US. We updated it so it's clearer.
    Last edited by SBR Lou; 04-02-12 at 10:12 AM. Reason: added reply

    SBR POKER TOURNEY3rd Place 4/21/2014

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    Don't forget to hop in this one!

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    see how this one works out
    P Clayton Kershaw
    LOS @ SDP (Pre-game)
    C John Buck
    MIA @ CIN (Pre-game)
    1B Freddie Freeman
    ATL @ NYM (Pre-game)
    2B Darwin Barney
    CHC v WAS (Pre-game)
    3B Placido Polanco
    PHI @ PIT (Pre-game)
    SS Ronny Cedeno
    NYM v ATL (Pre-game)
    OF Andre Ethier
    LOS @ SDP (Pre-game)
    OF Delmon Young
    DET v BOS (Pre-game)
    OF Jose Bautista
    TOR @ CLE (Pre-game)

    donation 1/7/2014

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    P Jon Lester
    BOS @ DET (Pre-game)
    C Mike Nickeas
    NYM v ATL (Pre-game)
    1B Ryan Howard
    PHI @ PIT (Pre-game)
    2B Chase Utley
    PHI @ PIT (Pre-game)
    3B Brett Lawrie
    TOR @ CLE (Pre-game)
    SS Yunel Escobar
    TOR @ CLE (Pre-game)
    OF Hunter Pence
    PHI @ PIT (Pre-game)
    OF Andrew McCutchen
    PIT v PHI (Pre-game)
    OF Laynce Nix
    PHI @ PIT (Pre-game)

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    Jay. I'm pretty sure Howard is starting season on the DL. might want to doublcheck on that. GL!

    donation 1/7/2014

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    Unreal this guy starts Howard. Great start!!

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    I changed out howard from that other site when I read he was out for months.
    Replaced him with Laroche

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    Thanks Fan Duel and SBR

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    Pos User Score Winnings
    1 luckychuck 38.5 $75.00
    2 cookimonster 37.5 $50.00
    3 carseller4 36.16 $35.00
    4 nastynate9 34 $25.00
    5 bcatswin 33.91 $20.00
    6 nic9212 33.5 $15.00
    7 al1322 33.25 $10.00
    8 pocket10s 31.91 $5.00
    9 san2c 31.5 $5.00
    10 pokerpro4 30.25 $5.00

    Would love to hold on to 3rd!

    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/26/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY8th Place 4/21/2014

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    i still have a chance of grabbing 1st again *crosses fingers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookiMonster View Post
    i still have a chance of grabbing 1st again *crosses fingers*
    You picked Chipper Jones and should be disqualified....

    LOL...Joking...nice lineup....except for Chipper

    SBR POKER TOURNEY1st Place 3/26/2014


    SBR POKER TOURNEY8th Place 4/21/2014

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    Kershaw leaving in the 3rd , hurt a few people I'M sure.

    donation 1/7/2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by immadonk View Post
    Any of you still playing on fanduel? how is it?
    I used to play a lot, but then I got hooked on starstreet. The chat was annoying on fanduel and their prices didn't update fast enough for me.
    Last edited by troyp2436; 04-11-12 at 02:53 PM.

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    Haven't heard of that one, already play at 3 sites. guess I will check it out. There was another one advertised today, that I had never heard, think they are popping up all over. Just feel comfortable where I have paid and collected with no problem.

    donation 1/7/2014

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    Noles, which sites are you trying out? I tried out draftstreet but didn't like it, rec me a new one

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    yes Draftsreet, Fanduel, and Daily Joust. They all have there plus and minuses. from player stats being updated, and the value of each player fluctuates greatly on the sites. I just saw one, on the flash ads in here called buzzdraft? I am starting to like Joust a lot as my luck on there has been better than draftstreeT. I just checked that starstreet,Wow stoCk options on each player? Taking it to another level for sure! GL BUD!

    donation 1/7/2014