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    Another strong Monday night NRL play

    I think this is a strong play.

    Sea Eagles - 5.5.

    I know that a few of the good NRL cappers are on Sharks +5.5 and I can understand why.

    Manly have owned the Sharks of late and are playing well.

    Many are thinking that Sharks cannot finish as badly as they did against the Knights (and that is probably true), but I think the Manly's defence is a lot stronger and they won't find the same holes.

    I'm concerned about off-field dramas for Manly, but I think they'll be OK.

    Not a huge play for me, but I know you guys like late degen action, so here's my play. Tail or fade at your own risk!

    Edit: this starts at 4:00AM ET.
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    I am also playing u/38.5.

    Where are the moresports guys to chime in with their opinions?...

    so few degenerates in here too

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    Got on the under 36.5 and sharks at the +12.5 start! Small stakes just another degen play too

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    Agree with the play but heard reports of rain so had to pass.

    Gamblor good to see you too champ

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    sharks up early.

    this one is a loser

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    Hrm... piss poor start.

    I don't think Cronulla have completed a set of 6 in their own half without getting a penalty.

    This one looks like a loser... just horrible by Manly to start...

    Goooo under?

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    Yup, Manly only 5 of 9 completed sets and 3 penalties.

    They are lucky to only be down 12 - 0.

    Hopefully they can mount a big come back at half time.

    Not feeling good about this one. Feeling glad that I had to bump the thread 2 mins before the game started, so no-one actually tailed. Lost money for me though

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    Your more an AFL bettor right? Not knocking you on your play just don't remember you making NRL plays last year.

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    Meh, at least I cashed the under. Manly their own worst enemy in the first half.

    All good Brettels. I am definitely more of an AFL guy and will post some plays for the degens in here when that starts for real. Thats what this is really all about TBH. I did indeed take the year off betting NRL last season. I followed it loosely though and am following it closely this. I can do well by picking my spots. NRL is definitely not a sport that I think i could make 200 plays a season (like AFL) and hit 60%. I am not an NRL expert by any means. I'm aware of my responsibilities by posting plays though and people tailling though, so if I do post, it is the right side (apart from today )

    PS. I'm up to speed on AFL finally after missing the first few weeks. Crows easy last weekend. I'll post my thoughts on r1 in your thread some time before it starts.