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    KCOL ATP play in 40 mins. Pounded.

    Djokovic/tipsarevic over 20 -115

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    Two Serbs who are great buddies and know each others game pretty well.

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    Wow line just moved to more value at 5d

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    Bored in class....riding this one with you

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    Pounded it at -140 @ 5dimes for a nickel. Lot of juice, but should come through. We'll see

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    Does Joker ever lose when healthy?

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    Not a good start. Gonna need some help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSchafe View Post
    Not a good start. Gonna need some help.
    Still early.

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    Let's hope for Tippy to take a set...have a feeling he gave it up quick on purpose.

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    I got joker -800 to win 150. not smart to lay that kind of juice, but I pulled the trigger anyway. Was close to with Fed at -1800. Joker at -800 seemed more reasonable after I saw how easily fed cruised.

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    Well, we can't lose now at least.

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    he had it.....what a freaking chuch

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    this play was fundamentally sound

    unlucky to not get that 3rd set. too guys have so much man-love for one another they can't stand to beat each other

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    Lol baskets. At least it wasn't a loss. Reminds me of a bet I made earlier this year in the Zagreb tournament. Melzer vs. Petzschner: very good friends and constant doubles partners. I made the mistake of taking Petzschner, who was undefeated against Melzer in h2h. Completely tanked. 6-1, 6-3...never take friend vs. friend in any capacity. Both got a pat on the back in this one: Joker got the beautiful 6-1 in the first set to maintain his dominance, and Tippy looks good because he took the world No. 1 to a tie-break. Bleh.

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    All that for a push lol. Close boys