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    America's Cardroom ??? WTF ?

    All I want to know is how are they advertising this site on ESPN and the fact that it is in the USA and a Real Money Poker site???

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    When the WSOP was on I was wondering if their site was as bad as their commercials because they looked like a HS vis arts class made them.

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    yea but they are advertising a real money usa poker site? I think everyone is awaiting a poker site regulated by usa

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    your joking right, americas card room is the old doyles room. Just a name change is all, its same software as bookmaker, dsi, true poker, etcc

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    amc is not in the usa, if u want to play, merge sites are the best for now

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    I played on 5dimes site and bovada (formerly bodog)

    thanks for info tt doyles room is junk and I have his son on my facebook