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    Does Danica just wake up and say it's best to retire and do nudie shots instead?

    Same goes for Greg Luganis back in the day saying that I better appear to be straight so I can pose nude and be a Chippendale or Thunder from down under guy when my Olympic gig runs out of steam.

    Danica's gig as a driver ran out and or never got off the ground so instead of risking hers and other peoples lives,she would be doing everyone a favor entering into the nudie world.

    Personally,I always thought she looked ghoulish with that ridgid posture and face expression and all where she would have made a good Wednesday?Adams or Eddy Munster's girlfriend or sister.I would like to see her drive the Munsters mobile.

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    Playboy would give her the obligatory million to pose.

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    She is too old

    Nobody wants to see her nude

    She is not a big timer

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    I'd release to her nudies

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    She is too old

    Nobody wants to see her nude

    She is not a big timer
    She is hot.

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    Mike, I like this one a lot.

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    i have no problem with Danica's body whatsoever, her stems in that pic above are redonkulous

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    Does BrentCrude just wake up and say damn I need another dozen whoppers?
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    makes it worse her hubby is a tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dad View Post
    Yeah, that is a sexy pic.

    I wouldn't mind seeing her naked, and I would give her my drive shaft.

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    they n ought to ask..what do theyhave to lose