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    cant fkn believe they are about to chase that score down with about 12 overs in hand...unheard of. ****

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    INdia won by 7 wicket whatever that mean, It ****** up my $240 parlay sigh...

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    hahaha look at u fukkin degenerates. betting on sh*t you dont even understand LOL

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    Cricket one of biggest betting sports in the world

    Does 100000000x more than usa mlb does in America

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    so what? does that make it somehow ok to bet on even if you dont know shit about it?

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    Wow. Well played India...

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    damn..what a comeback for india!!!!!!

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    lmao i needed one more -110 odd tob et on, Last year Sri Lanka made me some good money... lol

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    Seems like India tonight.
    After all dey r back to familiar surroundings. no more in alien space

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    India won but its team has already lost its reputation as a main favorite for most of the ODI matches played by it. They need some bowling allrounders and a reliable middle order batsmen to regain their reputation.

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    I lost a bet few weeks back when my team was at -50000, I had New Zealand and they got shut down at the end by South Africa.
    -50 thousand. Not an easy sport to predict, like ever other sport. But predicting player stats is fairly easy.

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    India sri lanka

    I am very excited today india Sri Lanka i supporter for India today win must for India

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    well India it is as always. Sri lankans are rarely winning but when they do they make history out of it

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