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    PBA US Open was exciting!!!

    I know many guys aren't into bowling but for those of you that are, wasn't that exciting?

    Pete Weber has always been my favorite bowler. He's the ultimate showman and started bowling at 17. His dad was a legend. Pete's now 49 and was the lowest rank on the TV show and ran the table.

    He made an amazing shot to win it in the final match. There so much pressure and he won U.S. Open number 5. Some people don't like his attitude but a real fan appreciates a showman-athlete like this. That was fun.
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    Watched the whole match as I am very tired of watching my college basketball picks go down in flames. Thought the Australian two handed bowler would win but Pete Weber got it done in spite of being a psycho douchebag. Even the announcers were laughing at him. Christ, even the cameraman could not find the evil spectator that Pete was ranting about.

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    I used to watch alot as a kid when it used to be on ABC every Sunday have not watch much of it since then

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    best celebration ever!

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