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    Just back from the casino - Trip Report

    Went to the local place with my brother and a friend... While they donated to the local tribe playing slots I played 1/2 NL for about an hour and half and made six bucks... Also got a $5 freeplay for being a new signup on the slot club which I cashed out $3.87 after completing the play through... Adding to the free soda-pops (the Indian casinos charge for alcohol here so I passed out of principle) not too bad of a night...

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    +ev is a way of life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extra Innings View Post
    As long as you had fun and didn't lose money
    Actually if I break down and play 1/2 NL in a casino I'm pretty damn bored... Most of the time was really spent wishing I was at home so I could be sweating my MMA bets...

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    Better to stay home
    We are locked in
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    i went to winstar friday only lost 75$ i always get suckered into playing slots they are fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatommack View Post
    Choctaw or winstar
    If I had went to Choctaw or Winstar I wouldn't have been playing 1/2...

    I'm in Bartlesville about 45 mintues north of Tulsa so unless I want to drive over an hour to Catoosa the choices here are an Osage casino where they have to work to keep a full table of 1/2 game going on a Friday night or a temp Cherokee casino that is currently slots only...

    Tyically I take JJ's advice and just stay home and gamble on the computer...

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