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    Anyone got a strategy for beating Keno?

    Why is this game so hard to beat? 80 numbers, 20 come up. It seems like it would be easy to just throw a dollar and hit 5/5 once in a while.

    If you pick 5 numbers and they all come up it pays 820 risking one dollar. Believe me it is harder than it sounds.

    Was curious if anyone out there has a good strategy for beating this game. SOmething tells me 4LC would be very insightful in this.

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    Do you know why its harder than it sounds? Because it only happens one out of 1500 or so times. so for a payout of 820-1 thats gotta be one of the highest house edge casino games available, besides perhaps back alley Three Card Monte.

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    Sad thing is, you're actually serious about this question.

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    yep best strategy for "beating" (not losing your shirt) is to NOT PLAY KENO

    much better shot on a roulette wheel or craps table if you are looking for huge payout odds

    or a 10 team parlay, all of which stand much better shots of hitting than KENO

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    What are the odds on picking 4 numbers and railing all of them?

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    It also sounds easy to get to 21 before the dealer, pick if the color is going to be red or black, roll any number before a 7, figure out what the **** goes on a woman's head, play a hand higher then your oppenent, quit gambling if your battle4life, and pick who the hell is going to win a simple sporting event

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    As gambleballs mentioned there is no strategy to beat this game other than being exceptionally lucky.
    Payout tables give the house a huge edge. Probability of hitting 5/5 is 1 in 1551.

    The video versions give much better payouts than live games but even then you will be much better (generally less badly) off playing European Roulette is the aim is a big payoff for small stake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorfan707 View Post
    What are the odds on picking 4 numbers and railing all of them?
    4/4 is 1 in 326

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    Keno is very hard to win. Even if you win, people tend to give it all back.

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    i hit for 6 out of 7 while eating breakfast in Laughlin. Played for the hell of it and won like 3 bills. never won ever again lol.