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    So I'm messing around in casino at 5dimes and I went to Keno

    played the nickel Keno where u can bet 1-5 units (1 being .05cents and 5max being 0.25cents)

    I hit 7 or 8 numbers and it paid $30 just wanted to share. I think KENO is the way to go over video poker or what not.

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

    anyone ever hit on Keno?

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    yep played keno at the foxwoods bar about 4 years ago had my friend pick some numbers i believe it was 8 i picked i hit 7 for $4200

    couldnt believe it lol got paid 4200 to drink a beer what a great day

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    Won 125-240 consisantly playing three numbers

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    Typically, one of the worst possible games you can play in the casino.

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    Its just the lottery but to mix it up a little it is fine

    Sometimes you can get luck

    Good hit Raw Billy

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    Thanks JJ. I mean boss. Thanks for giving me Presidents Day off yesterday too. You are a great boss!

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    I hit 9 / 10 in Vegas the summer before last for $20,000 on a $2 ticket. (Actually, a $60 ticket because it was for 30 games). Took like 3 hours to pay out because they had to wait until all the games were played... well worth the wait!

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    Very Nice hit Vegas Vixen