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    Anyone else miss football already

    Especially college football

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    The basketball season has been pretty good so far. I do miss football but I'm surviving with bball.

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    Thankfully, football is 12 months of the year!!

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    I can't stand pro hoops. College is O.K, but that is like substituting the Akron-Ball State game for the USC-Notre Dame game. It just doesn't cut it.

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    Not even one bit. Look forward to AllStar weekend, the NBA playoffs, and can't wait for march maddness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onlooker View Post

    Can't stand the NFL.

    Love MLB/NHL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betplom View Post

    Can't stand the NFL.

    Love MLB/NHL.
    17 weeks burns you out, the off time gets you ready for it in September. Lots of stuff in between.

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    Yes but for the first time in years im pumped for baseball cant wait to see the machine and that halo staff do their thing. Also kershaw

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    Of course I miss football. I am an American. Its Americas game.

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    Miss it already but there seems to be better value in lines on other sports, NFL lines are the toughest to beat

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    I honestly thought I'd miss Football more than I do...
    Bengals fan, so season ended on a bad note. Left a sour taste in my mouth.
    I'm a college fan, and I watch a ton of games, but don't really have a team (The Bearcats if I had to pick, but they're never relevant for a title)... and the conference movements are really frustrating me, since the Big East got raided.
    Nascar starts Sunday.
    College Basketball/NBA Games every night.
    Don't miss it to be honest.

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    It takes me about six months to get over the sickening way that the college football season ends. Great season for 3 months, then a month and a half of crap bowl games. They should follow the lead of college basketball and have a tourney. 16 teams......after one week there's 8, then 4, then 2. The rest of the teams can go play in bowls, like the NIT field. It's all held hostage by the BCS fatcats, as corrupt as they come.

    The NFL meanwhile is quite simply the single best product in our country. Every game of the season is exciting.....particularly for bettors and fantasy geeks. The playoffs are awesome. The Super Bowl is without equal. Even the offseason is exciting, with the combine, draft, free agents, etc. We have to keep our eye on Goodell though. Not crazy about any guy with an ego that size. I'm leery of expansion, lengthening the schedule, etc. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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    Yes NFL and college football have been greatly missed. I tried one more time to get into basketball and just couldn't make it happen. There's no way in hell I'll ever give two shits about baseball.

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    miss it desperately college and nfl, college hoops is ok though, but nothing excite me like pigskin.

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