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    cotto will beat floyd +500 is a very good bet

    cotto will fight the fight of his life and i think he knocks out floyd he has never fell before or been knocked out but i think cotto has the power to knock him out.he is training crazy and has only lost to pac man and margirito and is coming off a hugh win of margiritio i think cotto wins and he faces pac man again and pac man takes the belt and floyd is out of boxing with 1 defeat.he is serving his jail sentence after this fight and he is a business man he will put 20 mill on cotto himself lmao 100 mill payday for floyd

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    I have to disagree.. As much as I think Mayweather is a punk, cotto is not in the same class as Mayweather.. Anything can happen but, Mayweather is in another class. I wouldn't doubt Mayweather winning in 8 rounds

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    If by very good you mean absolutely no shot at winning then I agree

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    There's always one.
    Quote Originally Posted by battle4life View Post
    he is training crazy
    It's the middle of February, and the fight is in May. He's not training for this fight at all...

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    I don't think its out of the realm of possibility myself... mayweather did not impress me in his last fight with ortiz. His reflexes looked a lot slower and his handspeed looked slower as well. I would not be suprised with mayweather losing at all. Lets keep in mind mayweather is 36 and is getting old.

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    cotto=diminished......he`d have had a better shot 3 or 4 years ago...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky mattioli View Post
    cotto=diminished......he`d have had a better shot 3 or 4 years ago...
    Totally disagree. The mayweather that fought hatton or gatti would put cotto in a coffin. Mayweather wipes the floor with an undefeated cotto 4-5 years ago. Now mayweathers 36 and I won't be shocked if this fight is close.

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    I hate Mayweather, but he is going to roll to victory. Cotto is hand picked. Notice how Mayweather refused to fight him when he was on a roll. Now he has taken 2 beatings and is damaged goods....and Mayweather takes the fight all of a sudden.

    Mayweather picks fights he knows he can win. Cotto isn't winning this fight.