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    schaub is already said to be at 100 percent

    if he was on texans, they would have to trade or release schaub

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    mad that eli has one more superbowl then him, o please, eli's had better teams and peyton is not mad at all. Where do they find these people

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    Prediction: texans sign Peyton for 1 year with an option for 2 years, which will better the team short and long term for proper training for tj yates. Then texans release matt stump the shaub and the jets sign him , Please!

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    peyton can't even throw right now. i doubt the texans would just dump shaub. with shaub healthy, they probably woulda went to the super bowl and won it. got the best o-line, got the best rb, got some nice receivers, and their d is no joke...

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    Texans would be instant favorites in the AFC. They'd have the Ravens quality defense except with a real offense. Line, running game, QB, WR and TE

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    He will sign with a dome team. Houston looks like the best fit